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Introducing….Enzo and Veda!

Enzo and Veda!
September 22, 2022

As Marion Technical College entered its 50th year, the college introduced its new mascots. TheVeda, Deb Myers, Elisa Pfaff and Enzo. Marion Tech Leaders were selected as students and alumni lead the way in a number of fields. These huskies are sled dogs who count on a lead dog to guide them and their team toward the goal. The only thing missing were names for these Leaders. After reviewing more than 200 ideas submitted by students, staff, faculty and community members, Marion Tech proudly announces the mascots have names: Enzo and Veda!

Nursing student and Marion resident Elisa Pfaff said, “Enzo came to me right before spring break Enzo means home leader or ruler of the home. To me, it is about leading and doing the right thing when no one is watching. It is good to have good role models!”

Vaida and Brynnlee

Deb Myers, Interim Associate Dean of Health Programs and Director of Medical Imaging Programs, said, “I believe our mascots’ names should reflect our graduates, the college mission, and the community we serve. I researched names with the meaning of knowledge. I really liked the name Veda because of its uniqueness.”

“I was surprised my submission was selected but honored,” Myers said.

These winning entrants were able to meet the mascots they named.

Myers said she had some inspiration for the name.

“My granddaughter Brynnlee has a little friend named Veda (though with a slightly different spelling.). I am sure she will be happy once she learns about the mascot name,” Myers said.

The winners were awarded $500 tuition vouchers as well as some swag. As a faculty member, Deb Myers split her $500 tuition voucher into two and awarded it to two students. Brynlee and Vaida also received some husky plushies and necklaces.

Elisa Pfaff with her dogs, Sassy and Mags.

Pfaff enjoyed meeting these huskies! She is an animal lover, with a cat as well as two dogs: Sassy and Mags.

This first-generation college student was surprised and pleased to win this contest. “I never win anything!”

Dr. Amy Adams, Vice President of Planning and Advancements, thanked everyone who entered the naming contest.

Enzo and Veda“The choice for the names was hard, with many good suggestions! Ultimately, these were the perfect fit!” Adams exclaimed.

Students should look for these mascots around campus as well as at graduation this May as they celebrate the next generation of leaders.

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