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 Follow This Leader: Seayra Burkhart

Seayra Burkhart
September 22, 2022

Follow This Leader: Seayra Burkhart

Radiologic Technologist at Avita Health System

Radiology Class of 2020

MTC did a very great job of preparing me for my career. There were no surprises when I walked into my first job as an X-ray tech.

Seayra Burkhart

I had a very busy life going on at that time! I just got engaged to my now husband, I was trying to plan a wedding, and we also just moved into our first home together during my junior semester. This was in addition to my full-time classes, so you could say I had a lot going on!

My advice to current MTC students would be to stay focused. It’s hard and you’re learning something completely new that you’ve never learned before. Don’t get down on yourself and just stay positive. It doesn’t seem like it, but it’s a short two years. Before you know it, you’ve graduated and you’re out working in your field.

Wondering if Radiology could be a career for you? Check out MTC’s Career Services page and sign up for FOCUS2. This resource guides you through a career and education decision-making model to help you choose what your Next step could be!

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