Financial Aid


We offer a number of scholarships and grants for students during fall and spring semesters. 

MTC Scholarship

The cost of going to college should never be a barrier to obtaining an education. Marion Technical College has always been one of the best values among Ohio colleges and with a scholarship it makes MTC even more affordable.

The deadline has passed come back next year to apply.

High School Seniors

We offer a limited number of exclusive one-year Foundation and President’s Scholarships for high school seniors who will attend MTC after graduation.  

The deadline has passed come back next year to apply.

Get to Next Scholarship

MTC’s exclusive Get To Next Scholars Program covers the cost of tuition for qualified applicants during the second academic year of degree completion. 

The deadline has passed come back next year to apply.

MTC Education Equity Scholarship Application

Scholarships are limited based on available funding. Marion Technical College has established the Education Equity Scholarship.  Scholarship funds will be given with preference to an incoming student(s) from an underrepresented group who has demonstrated financial need and is in good academic standing.  Marion Tech has created this scholarship in memory of George Floyd and others who have passed away due to racial and social injustice.  This scholarship is in response to the family of George Floyd requesting memorial scholarships be developed to honor his legacy.  MTC held discussions on how we could respond to this request and determined we would broaden our scholarship beyond George Floyd’s story and include all underrepresented student populations.  This scholarship will support students who further the inclusion, diversity, and equity initiatives of the college. 

The deadline has passed come back next year to apply.

The Student Ambassador Scholarship Program

This program awards high-achieving current MTC students up to $1,000 (not to exceed the cost of attendance) in return for 100 hours of service as an Ambassador.  The average is 4 hours of service per week during the school year.  Ambassadors assist the Office of Admission with recruitment events, event planning, New Student Orientation, social media, and much more. Ambassadors are valued team members that have fun promoting the benefits of attending MTC.  Click here for a full description and application requirements.

SME Scholarships

      • One online scholarship application, dozens of scholarships available!
      • $18 million awarded to over 5,000 deserving students since 2005.
      • Nearly $1 Million awarded in 2023.

Minimum Criteria:

        • Must be a permanent resident or citizen of the United States or Canada , or have
          a U.S. or Canadian student visa.
        • Must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.
        • Must be pursuing associates, bachelors, or graduate degree in manufacturing,
          engineering, or related field.
        • Open to high school seniors or current college students.
        • Students can be part time or full time to be eligible.
        • Must be attending a University or Community College in the United States or Canada.

Awardees can use scholarship funds for tuition, books, or lab and course fees.

Learn more at
Scholarship applications are annually accepted from Nov. 1 – Feb. 1.

Foster Youth Grant

Marion Technical College offers a dedicated support program for learners that participated in or graduated from the foster care system but do not qualify for federal financial aid assistance. More information.

Second Chance Grant

Approximately 1.5 million Ohioans have earned some college credit but no degree. It is critical to the continued economic well-being of the State of Ohio that a substantial number of these former students earn a credential. Indeed, economists have indicated that increasing the number of Ohioans with postsecondary degrees or credentials is necessary for Ohio to remain economically competitive and meet the workforce needs of the future.

In pursuit of this goal, and in order to facilitate the return to higher education by Ohioans who stopped out prior to crossing the finish line, the State of Ohio is strengthening its commitment to assisting students in attaining a degree or credential through the establishment of the Second Chance Grant Program.  The Second Chance Grant Program will provide up to $3 million in financial assistance in the form of $3,000 grants to eligible students re-enrolling at a qualifying institution in order to obtain a degree or credential. More information.

Applications are being accepted for students beginning classes after July 1, 2024!

Ohio Work Ready Grant

The Ohio Work Ready Grant provides funding to Ohio residents who demonstrate financial need and are enrolled in qualified programs at Ohio community colleges, technical centers, or state university branch campuses. The grant aims to prepare students for in-demand jobs by supporting their education and training. More information.

The Scholarship Deadline for Ohio Work Ready Grant is closed check back later.

Registration is closed.

Choose Ohio First Scholarship

Choose Ohio First (COF) is an initiative put forth by the Ohio Department of Higher Education to bolster support for the next generation of Ohio STEMM (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medical education) scholars and industry leaders. COF awards competitive scholarship funding to Ohio’s colleges and universities to support undergraduate and qualifying graduate students in innovative academic programs.

Qualifying students enrolled at MTC can receive a maximum of $5,000 per year with this first-dollar scholarship covering tuition and fees depending on the academic credential being pursued.

The Scholarship Deadline for Choose Ohio First Scholarship is closed check back later.

Registration is closed.

One online scholarship application, dozens of scholarships available!

Additional scholarship opportunities are available at: