Disability Services

Disability Services

MTC is committed to providing students with disabilities equal and equitable access to all programs, services, and activities, including classroom access.  The Student Disability Services office (BR183, located within the Center for Student Success and Engagement space) is the MTC office that works with students and faculty to facilitate appropriate provision of accommodations based on functional limitations of the diagnosed disability or disabling condition.

Some of the disabilities or disabling conditions include (not exhaustive): specific learning disabilities (dyslexia, processing); mental health conditions (depression, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD); medical or chronic health conditions (diabetes, multiple sclerosis); mobility conditions (paraplegia, CP); Deaf/hard of hearing/hearing loss; Blind/vision loss. Each student will need to meet with Jenifer Montag in Disability Services to discuss their specific situation (and will need to provide documentation of their disability if the functional limitations are not readily apparent) in order for accommodations to be determined as appropriate.

Students should meet and discuss their situation with Jenifer as soon as possible, as some accommodations can take significant time to arrange. A delay in meeting with Jenifer can delay the provision of accommodations for the classroom.  Additionally, as there are significant differences between the college classroom and the high school classroom, and the use of the accommodations, it is important for students to meet with Jenifer early to learn about the college accommodations process.

If students need accommodations for MTC placement testing, that should be requested by the student in advance of the planned test date in order to arrange the accommodations.

If you need your course materials read aloud, please download Read & Write software.

Should students (and their parents) have questions about accommodations in the college setting, we welcome them to meet with Jenifer to discuss.  Please contact Disability Services by emailing DS@mtc.edu to set up an informational meeting or stopping by room BR183 to set up an appointment. The student, as the enrolled person, will need to attend the meeting with and can invite their parent, or another supportive person they want, to join the meeting.

Thank you for choosing MTC and we look forward to you joining our educational community!