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MTC alumni represent every sector of the economy. They are social workers, nurses, health care professionals, police officers, engineers, and business professionals in practically every sector of industry and business. This diverse group of graduates has a significant impact on our economy and community – locally and beyond.

We are designing programs and services to meet the needs and interests of MTC graduates including print and electronic communication as well as opportunities for alumni to reconnect with their alma mater.

Keep In Touch If you have moved, changed your name, or just want to touch base and let us know how you are doing, please click here to fill out the alumni form. We are always looking for great stories from our alumni and want to hear from you.

Alumni Benefits

MTC graduates receive a number of benefits including the use of the campus library and student center for fitness recreation and general use after graduation. Alumni may also access MTC’s job placement services, temporary medical insurance coverage* for catastrophic costs of unexpected medical bills, and post graduate training and employment testing through MTC's workforce solutions.

Contact the Office of Alumni development for more information on any of your alumni benefits.

* MTC does not endorse these products but would like to make graduates aware of these options.

Give Back with Kroger Community Rewards

If you have a Kroger Plus Card, please sign up for the community rewards program and designate MTC as your non-profit of choice. The program is free for you to use and proceeds assist MTC students who are experiencing financial difficulty with tuition and/or book costs. You can register online at

If you have designated a community non-profit in the past, you need to renew or designate a new non-profit each April/May. Our development fund number is 80760.

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Hall of Fame Recognition Program

The Marion Technical College Alumni Hall of Fame Award celebrates the outstanding graduates of Marion Technical College, their accomplishments, leadership, and community involvement.  The Alumni Hall of Fame Award honors individuals who excel in their chosen field, have devoted time and energy to their community in a meaningful way, and also set examples for current and future students.

The Marion Campus Library honors their achievement by inviting inductees to select a book title of personal significance to be added to the local collection. The Alumni Hall of Fame Book Recognition Program includes a special bookplate in each book selected that will list the name and year inducted.

The nomination process is now closed. Please check back around the first of September 2024 to nominate someone.

The Criteria

Alumni Hall of Fame recipients must meet each of the four specific criteria.  They must:

  • Be a graduate of Marion Technical College
  • Demonstrate excellence and growth in their business or profession
  • Provide an example of what can be accomplished with a degree from Marion Technical College to current and future students
  • Provide service to the community

If you know of an alum who meets these criteria, please consider nominating them for this prestigious award.  The deadline for submission is Wednesday, September 27th at 5:00 pm.

Please join us for the 8th Annual Alumni Hall of Fame on Thursday, November 16th.  We will begin the evening with appetizers and desserts starting at 5:00 pm in Bryson Hall with the ribbon cutting of the L1NK One Stop and remarks at 5:30 pm.  The awards will begin at 6:30 pm in the HTC Auditorium. 

If you are planning to attend in person, please RSVP to  If you have any questions about this year’s event, please contact Dr. Amy M. Adams at or 740-386-4203.


2023 Recipients

  • Trish Frazzini
    Professor of Social Work and Addiction
    Marion Technical College
    Class of 2022
  • Natalie Longmeier
    Executive Director
    Marion Matters Inc
    Class of 2022
  • Darlene Schoonard
    Forensic Nurse Team Coordinator
    Class of 1990
  • Clifford Smith
    Probation Officer
    Marion Municipal Court
    Class of 1999
  • Lyndsey Vance
    Realtor / Real Estate Investor / Small Business Owner
    Self-Employed / Generations Realty / Rob's Hauling / JL Vance Investments LLC
    Class of 2013

2022 Recipients

  • Tammi Cowell
    Class of 1991
    Treasurer/CFO, Tri-Rivers Career Center
    Nominators:  Rob Cowell and Ellen Messenger
  • John “Tom” Gleespen
    Class of 1975
    President, Gleespen Engineering & Surveying, Inc.
    Nominator:  Sandy Gleespen
  • Sue Jacob
    Class of 1981
    Retired Teacher, River Valley School District
    Nominator:  Annette Walton
  • Darl Snyder
    Class of 1983
    Territory Manager, 2J Supply Company
    Nominator: Teena Snyder

2021 Recipients

  • Shannon Bryant
    Class of 1995
    Executive Vice President for Corporate Solutions & Economic Development, Tarrant County College District
    Nominator:  Dr. Amy Adams
  • Jerry Call
    Class of 1988
    Senior Project Manager, R.D. Stolz Engineering
    Nominator:  Dr. Bob Haas
  • Jessica Coleman
    Class of 2017
    Founder/Executive Director legacy Mentoring Group, LLC
    Nominator:  Robin VanSickle
  • Jaron Knotts
    Class of 2015
    Clinical Outcomes Manager – Patient Safety, OhioHealth
    Nominator: Marcia Young

2020 Recipients

  • Johnis M. Tyler Gribbin – Class of 1993 & 1994
  • Harold May – Class of 2010
  • Krista Mulvaine – Class of 1995
  • Ritch Ramey – Class of 1987

2019 Recipients

  • Patricia Case – Class of  1973
  • Terri Martin – Class of 1996
  • Kathie Seckel – Class of 2001
  • Deborah Shields – Class of 1976
  • Tom Stotts – Class of 2000

2018 Recipients

  • Cynthia Hartman – Class of 1977
  • Nathan Miller – Class of 2008
  • Jean Obenour – Class of 1985
  • Robin Schelb – Class of 2013
  • Annette Walton – Class of 1980

2017 Recipients

  • Dale Baker – Class of 1996
  • Christy Culver – Class of 1990
  • Mark Droll – Class of 1994
  • John Metcalf – Class of 1995
  • Deb Murphy Willis – Class of 1995

2016 Recipients

  • Amy Bush – Class of 1995
  • Teresa Parker – Class of 1977
  • Barb Scott – Class of 2004
  • Tommie Saccenti – Class of 2001
  • Dr. Vicky Wood – Class of 1985

Follow This Leader: Katrina Rostorfer

Katrina Rostorfer

Name: Katrina Rostorfer
Position: Patrol Officer
Company/Organization: Marion City Police Department
Graduation Year & Program: 2020 graduate with associate degree in criminal justice, 2021 graduate with associate degree in law enforcement technology and OPOTA certification

How did MTC help you in your career?

At Marion Tech, I was able to learn from many professionals with experience in the career I was pursuing. Not only were my instructors incredibly smart, they shared the lessons they learned along the way with their students.  My degrees laid the foundation for my understanding of the criminal justice system while my time at the police academy gave me hands-on training to prepare me for real world scenarios that I would face as a police officer. I also made connections during my time at Marion Tech that helped me find a job quickly after graduation in an organization that shares my core values. Plus, I was able to transfer all of my credits from MTC to Ohio University and complete my Bachelor's degree in under 2 years, which opens more doors for me in the future. 

What did your life look like when you were a student at MTC?

When I first began attending MTC, I juggled being a mother, working full time, and attending classes. I later worked part time while attending the police academy and simultaneously completing my bachelor's degree online at Ohio University. I loved my time at MTC because the class sizes were small, the professors knew my name, and it felt like home. The instructors were always so helpful, understanding, and encouraging. Being a parent, working, and going to school is tough, but the staff at MTC made this experience so much easier. Prior to MTC, I attended a much larger university for a year. The experiences were like night and day with Marion Tech being a much more beneficial and enjoyable experience for me. 

What advice would you give to current MTC students?

Soak up all of the knowledge that you can from your instructors. Build relationships with peers and professors, these will follow you well beyond your time in college. Work hard, but don't forget to find time for things that you enjoy. Don't be afraid to take healthy risks and do things that feel scary. Growth is often uncomfortable, but the best things in my life have come from pushing myself out of my comfort zone and taking chances even when I did not feel ready. There are so many resources offered by MTC that you can take advantage of to get help along the way.  Always know you can do great things! 

Officer Katrina Rostorfer 
Marion Police Department 

Follow This Leader:  Trimika Jones

Trimika JonesTrimika Jones
Intervention Coordinator Assistant with Marion County Prosecutor’s Office
Criminal Justice Technology --Probation Officer Option - Class of 2021
Social Work and Addictions - Class of 2022

MTC gave me the confidence to be successful in my career. In the Social Work field, I learned that no one is perfect and it is okay to ask questions. Every day, I continue to learn and grow. I also learned how to set boundaries in my work and personal life and not to feel guilty for doing this.

I am a single mother of two active daughters, so life as a student was definitely chaotic. Every night, we have some type of sports activity along with homework. While I was in school full-time, I also had a full-time job and continued to DoorDash too. I thank God for the support system that I have; my parents and friends are always willing to help. My hope is for my children to see the importance of learning and having an education. Most importantly, I want them to find work they truly love and to find happiness in life.

My advice to all current and future students is to make sure that they follow their hearts and have a passion for their careers. Things may be difficult, but it will get easier. Hard work and dedication truly pay off in the long run.

 Follow This Leader:  Eian Miller

MTC helped me in my career by enabling me to learn more with real-world experience. The courses were structured to help me learn not only the intended materials but also those important interpersonal skills as well. MTC also utilized current technologies, giving me an advantage over others in the field.

Eian MillerEian Miller
Senior Command Center Specialist
Abercrombie & Fitch
2019 Alumni -- Software Development[/caption]

When I attended MTC, my life was pretty hectic. I was living in Dublin, working in New Albany and attending school in Marion. I was making that commute almost every day! In order to get homework done, work, and attend classes, I was sleeping about 3-4 hours a night, which is not something I recommend. However, I was able to stick through it and obtain my degree. I continued to push myself and also earned my degree in Cybersecurity from Franklin University.

Current MTC students, I have a few recommendations that I believe make it easier to be successful in your courses:

One would be to make a template of the current MTC required format (MLA, APA, or other), and include all required parts. When you write every paper, it should help you save time and reduce the chance of missing points due to formatting issues.

Another recommendation I have applies to online classes. It’s tough, but it can pay off big time at the end of the semester. I recommend trying to stay a week ahead of the course’s set due dates. By doing some work ahead of time, you can put it on “cruise control” until the end of the semester. This tactic can be a blessing if an emergency comes up or if you get overloaded by other courses. It also provides an extra week at the end of the semester where you can study and get prepared for the final.

The final recommendation is to get involved. This can be simply asking questions in class, getting to know your classmates, or joining some kind of group. Asking a question can make a huge difference in understanding the material. If you have a question during class, it’s likely others do too. Making friends in class helps if you’re struggling or someone might be able to explain course materials differently from the professor. Joining an on-campus group allows you to meet other students, staff and professors, which gives you a unique experience and fond memories. Plus, you might have some fun along the way. [Note: Eian was also a student ambassador and member of Phi Theta Kappa.]

One of MTC’s strengths is that it is a small college.  Many people are willing to go the extra mile for you or offer a helping hand when you need one. Don’t forget that you are paying to be here, so get the most out of it.  You can be a big fish in a small pond.

Follow This Leader: Seayra Burkhart

Seayra BurkhartSeayra Burkhart
Radiologic Technologist at Avita Health System
Radiology Class of 2020

MTC did a very great job of preparing me for my career. There were no surprises when I walked into my first job as an X-ray tech.

I had a very busy life going on at that time! I just got engaged to my now husband, I was trying to plan a wedding, and we also just moved into our first home together during my junior semester. This was in addition to my full-time classes, so you could say I had a lot going on!

My advice to current MTC students would be to stay focused. It’s hard and you’re learning something completely new that you’ve never learned before. Don’t get down on yourself and just stay positive. It doesn’t seem like it, but it’s a short two years. Before you know it, you’ve graduated and you’re out working in your field.

 Follow This Leader: Macey Estes

Macey EstesMacey Estes
Clinical Engineering Biomedical Equipment Technician at OhioHealth
Marion Tech Class of 2019

MTC set me up for success from day one! I had zero confidence walking into my first appointment with admissions. I had no idea what I wanted to do; I just knew that I needed something different after being a hairdresser for eight years. With a little help, I made my decision. I followed in my dad’s footsteps and got the same degree in electrical engineering he did from MTC 20 years prior. Marion Tech gave me so many opportunities and I met some great people along the way.

Life was pure chaos when I was a student. My youngest of three children was six months old during my first semester. I was taking the hardest math class of my entire life, but I persevered. At one point, I was working full-time in a salon, completing my co-op at the hospital, maintaining a full-time load, volunteering through Phi Theta Kappa (student honor society), and taking the career readiness academy. I also took up running in my “spare time” and completed my first 5K! Plus, I tried to be a dedicated mom. Sometimes, I would have to study during softball games and remain present for my children. There were times when I would lose out on a good night’s rest, so I could complete my homework on time. With all that being said, it’s never too late to start, and hard work really does pay off.

I have three pieces of advice for current students:

Sleep! You’ll probably ignore this advice, but it’s helpful during your college journey.

Seek joy in the small moments. Don’t be afraid to carve out time for yourself. Even if it’s just sitting in your car in absolute silence, taking deep breaths for 10 minutes before class, or going the long way to your next class and catching some fresh air—those small things will restore your sanity on the tough days.

Be involved! Take opportunities that are out of your comfort zone. During a business tour with the career readiness group, I learned that engineers could be in health care. I had no idea. Now, I work at that same place I toured. Put yourself out there and build positive relationships with your Marion Tech professors. Ask them for help - that’s what they are there for! If they see you taking initiative, they will have your back all the way through your journey.

I didn’t even realize my job was an option with my degree! I have found my place until the next chapter. My career brings daily challenges that keep me going and it is rewarding to help others. I could not have imagined the other side of graduation would be this great.'


As a soon to be graduate, Marion Technical College is excited about continuing our lifelong relationship with you through the MTC Alumni Association. By keeping us updated with new home and email addresses, phone numbers, and possible name changes, MTC can better keep you posted about activities on the Marion Campus well into the future. MTC’s alumni efforts will also include future lectures, events, and celebrations that we would like to invite you back on campus to attend.

If you have ideas about how MTC might keep you involved with the college after you graduate, Please contact Mike Stuckey at or at 740-386-4171.

Benefits of staying connected to Marion Technical College through the MTC Alumni Association:

  1. Stay in touch with MTC by:

    • Following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on our website.

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  2. Our next Alumni Hall of Fame induction is scheduled for November 21st.
    • For more details, select the Alumni link.

    • Nomination forms will be available by September 1.

    • Festivities will start at 5:00 m.
  3. We maintain a Speaker Series on Campus that you’ll always be welcomed to attend for free! Check out MTC on Facebook for new events.

  4. Please join us for the Big Tent Event, our annual homecoming celebration, on Saturday, October 19th! Food trucks, face painting, inflatables, a scavenger hunt, and live music. Bring the whole family!

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  9. Stay in touch with your classmates and instructors.
  10. Opportunities to volunteer, mentor, and be a presenter.

  11. Utilize MTC’s Job Placement and Career Services. Contact Kristi Butler at 740-386-4110.

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