Advanced Standing (LPN, Paramedic, Military Medic) to RN


Application Deadlines:

For the Fall start date apply to the program by May 15th. 

For the Spring start date apply to the program by October 1st. 

LPN/Advanced Standing (Paramedic and Military) to RN Transition Application

About the program

The Program – Nursing Advanced Standing (LPN, Military Medic, and Paramedic) to RN Transition

Prepare men and women for challenging and rewarding careers as Registered Nurses who assist in the overall planning and providing of nursing care for patients and their families, as well as educating patients in health maintenance and restoration.

Credit for Advanced Standing LPN, Paramedic and Military Medic Training

Upon application, students will receive credit for Fundamental Nursing courses after successful completion of the ATI exam.  Students in the Advanced Standing to RN Option will take a transition advanced course to bridge the gap between knowledge gained from previous experience, skills, and abilities to the learning outcomes of the Marion Technical College Nursing Program.


Coordinator for the Advanced Standing Program, Professor, Nursing
Healthcare - Nursing
Marion Campus
HTC 134

Nursing Program Mission Statement

Prepare students to be professional, caring Registered Nurses who promote optimal levels of wellness for individuals, families, and communities.

Advanced Standing (LPN, Military Medic, and Paramedic) Transition Course

LPN/Advanced Standing Transition (NUR1040) is offered in Spring and Fall semesters, contingent upon enrollment, space, and instructor availability.  Students should register for NUR1040 only after:

  • All admission requirements are met.
  • Acceptance into Advanced Standing program, including a written response from students.
  • Prerequisites are completed for NUR1040 and other current courses.
  • Attendance at an Advanced Standing (LPN, Military Medic, and Paramedic) Transition Information Session is verified.
  • LPN’s must have an unrestricted license, Paramedics must have an unrestricted certificate, and military medics will need to show a DD 214.

Upon successful completion of the ATI, RN Fundamentals of Nursing Assessment of Level 1 or higher, a credit will be given for the following courses (ATI test limited to 3 attempts):

  • NUR1003 Nurse Aide Training
  • NUR1400 Foundations of Adult Nursing Care I
  • NUR1410 Foundations of Adult Nursing Care II
  • NUR1004 Nursing Test Success (LPN only)

Your Degree

LPN, Paramedics, and Military Medics must complete the Nursing (RN) Technology Program within five (5) years of passing the most recent successful Fundamentals ATI Exam.  Graduates of this program are then eligible to take the licensing examination of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to become a Registered Nurse (RN).

Dual Degree

One pathway to achieve a BSN is to declare a dual degree at Marion Technical College.  The dual degree would be an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing and an Associate of Science.  An advantage of the dual degree would be that the MTC student can take additional courses that are transferrable to the BSN.

Nursing- Advanced Standing to RN Tuition and Fees 

Typical Semesters 


Tuition- Please note this is just for the NUR courses. Students that need any general education courses will need additional fees for tuition, labs, and textbooks.  


Course/ Lab fees 


Other Fees (Parking, exams, background check, career services…) 




Total Cost 


Total Cost per year 


Total Cost per term based on 3 terms 


Expected wages 



Marion Technical College has articulation agreements in which graduates from the ADN program can seamlessly transfer into BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).


The MTC Nursing Program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN) and approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

ACEN Telephone:  404.975.5000.
ACEN Website:
ACEN Address: 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326

The MTC Nursing Program is also approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing

Note: Nursing is a regulated profession.  The training, licensure, and practice of nursing are subject to federal and state statutes, rules, and regulations.  In addition, each hospital may have rules or policies.  A student’s eligibility for admission or continuation in MTC’s Nursing program is subject to the requirements of, and compliance with, all applicable statutes, rules, regulations, or policies (including a physical exam).  Prior to or during acceptance into the nursing program, training, licensure, or employment as a nurse, each individual will be subject to a background check including, but not limited to, an analysis of fingerprints and review of prior criminal records.  The submission of any false information to MTC or any federal/state agency shall be cause for immediate dismissal from the Nursing program.  The Ohio Board of Nursing may deny admission to the National Council Licensing Examination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) based on review by the Ohio Board of Nursing Compliance Unit.

Learning Outcomes

  • Provider of Care:
    Applies the nursing process to provide care for select populations.
  • Communicator:
    Selects threrapeutic communication techniques with assigned populations.
  • Teacher:
    Implements individualizied teaching plans for select populations.
  • Manager:
    Individualizes nursing care activities in the prescribed timeframe, in collaboration with instructor and agency staff.
  • Member within the Profession of Nursing:
    Evaluates the effectiveness of behaviors that demonstrate accountability in nursing practice.

Application Requirements - Limited Enrollment

Admission to the Advanced Standing Transition Program (LPN, Military Medic, and Paramedic) is in accordance with current Nursing policies.  Applicants must submit a completed Advanced Standing (LPN, Military Medic, and Paramedic) to RN Transition Program application after the following items are received by MTC.
The Priority Application deadline is October 1st and May 15th each year and after the deadline per availability and program approval. The Advanced Standing (LPN, Military Medic, and Paramedic) Transition Program begins in the spring semester (January) and the Fall semester (August).

  1. Final high school transcript (or GED results).
  2. Completed MTC Application for Admission (including nonrefundable application fee).
  3. The official grade report for ATI, RN Fundamentals of Nursing Assessment of Level 1, or higher.
  4. Validation of current Ohio LPN or paramedic certificate without restrictions.
  5. Official college, vocational school, and/or LPN school transcripts.
  6. Military medic applicants are required to provide a copy of DD214 and military transcripts with the proper designation for medic, corpsmen, or health care specialty while serving. Medic experience must have been within the last 5 years of application to the Nursing program.
  7. A 2.5 accumulative GPA is the minimum for acceptance and a 2.5 accumulative GPA for continuation in the Nursing program.
  8. All students will be required to successfully complete a criminal background check and drug screen prior to admission into NUR1040.