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Iyengar Scholarship Honors Local Engineer

Iyengar Scholarship
September 22, 2022

One local family knows the power of education to transform lives. Shailesh Iyengar was one of seven children. His parents prioritized education for all of their children. Iyengar earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai, India before coming to the United States to pursue his master’s degree. A scholarship helped him earn that degree from Marquette University. He worked at Marion Power Shovel/Dresser Industries as a project manager.

To honor that legacy, his family started a scholarship fund for engineering technology students at Marion Technical College in Iyengar’s memory. Vidya and their adult children, Kavita and Kalpana 

Vidya Iyengar, President and CEO of Pillar Credit Union

Iyengar, created this endowed scholarship which will support a student with financial needs and strong academic performance.

“As I toured the engineering labs and learned about the great career opportunities, it seemed like a wonderful way to help local students as well as honor Shailesh’s memory,” said Vidya Iyengar.

Vidya Iyengar has used her education to be successful in the local financial services industry for more than three decades. She is the CEO and President of Pillar Credit Union. She believes in Marion.

“This is an investment in Marion’s future. I saw how education opened doors for my family. I want to do that for others,” Vidya Iyengar said. “Engineering is a great, growing field. I was impressed by the caring, experienced faculty. Shailesh worked at Marion Power Shovel. I can’t wait to see what the next generation of engineers creates.”Smart Manufacturing student with new equipment.

Marion Tech offers a number of engineering technology programs, including electrical, mechanical, robotics, and the new smart manufacturing program. The in-demand fields are in response to the needs of local manufacturers and employers. This new scholarship will help local students enter these competitive fields.

“I would like to personally thank Vidya and the Iyengar family for the new scholarship for our students,” said Dr. Elizabeth Azhikannickal, director of engineering technologies.  “This will provide additional support as they work towards completing degrees and certificates and gain the skills needed to keep our local manufacturing companies competitive. It also serves as an excellent reminder of the impact that community members are making on our programs.”

Dr. Elizabeth Azhikannickal, Director of Engineering TechnologiesThe director of the Marion Technical College Foundation echoed those sentiments.

“It is exciting to see a local business leader invest in our students,” said Mike Stuckey. “With our new smart manufacturing program, we are trying to match up to our students with new opportunities and respond to the needs of local businesses. This will help our students meet that demand. What a wonderful way to honor a loved one.”

For more on Marion Tech’s engineering program, go here. For more on giving opportunities and scholarships, go here.

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