Adult Student

Adult Students

Adult learners from all walks-of-life come to Marion Technical College for a positive future, and acquire practical experiences to make their dreams a reality and to get their dream job or help with a promotion in their current job.

Adult learners have chosen to attend MTC for various reasons. Some of you probably got busy living life after high school and did not go straight to college. Maybe some of you had to stop attending college because life happens such as family, work, or going into the military or various other reasons. Whatever the reason was we welcome you back to college if you are returning and welcome if this is your first time experiencing college life. You are on the right path to GET TO NEXT for your future.

At MTC, we make it easy for adult learners to fit a college degree into a busy life. Nearly all of our programs can be completed on a part-time basis and you can save thousands of dollars on tuition.

With our online programs, you can complete your coursework remotely and save multiple trips to campus.