Nursing Technology (RN)


Courses you’ll take

Approved electives for Nursing:

Approved electives for Nursing: ALH1120 Human diseases, CHM1000 General and Biological Chemistry, CHM1210 Chemistry I, ECN2000 Microeconomics, ECN2100 Macroeconomics, ENG1100 English Composition II, COM1400 Oral Communications, GER1000 Intro to Gerontology, GER1010 Biophysical of Aging, GER1020 End of Life Care and Loss, SOC2020 Ethnic & Cultural Diversity,  HST1500 Early American History, HST1600 Modern American History, HST1700 Western Civilization I, HST1800 Western Civilization II, MGT1400 Intro to Management, MTH1250 Trigonometry, NTR1100 Nutrition, PHI1000 Critical Thinking, PHI1030 Introduction to Ethics, PSY1200 Abnormal Psychology PSY1500 Social Psychology, SOC1200 Sociology, SOC1400 Personal & Family Relations, SOC2200 Social Problems and SOC2400 Gender Studies.

Associate of Applied Science Degree

First Semester

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Course Title Credit hours
NUR1004 Nursing Test Success 2
NUR1400 Foundations of Adult Nursing Care I 7
PSY1100 Introduction to Psychology 3
BIO1240 Anatomy and Physiology I 4

Second Semester

Course Title Credit hours
NUR1410 Foundations of Adult Nursing Care II 6
PSY2100 Lifespan Development 3
BIO1250 Anatomy and Physiology II 4

Third Semester

Course Title Credit hours
MTH1240 Statistics 3
ENG1000 English Composition I 3
BIO2050 Microbiology for Health Sciences 4

Fourth Semester

Course Title Credit hours
ALH1000 Nursing Informatics 3
NUR2400 Alternations in Functioning I 10

Fifth Semester

Course Title Credit hours
NUR2410 Alternations in Functioning II 9
NUR2040 Nursing Issues 1
NUR0000 Nursing Elective 3

Total Credit Hours: 65