Medical Laboratory Technology - MLT


Courses you’ll take

Associate of Applied Science Degree

First Semester

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Course Title Credit hours
ALH1110 Medical Terminology 3
ALH1130 Healthcare Issues:Medical Professional 1
CHM1000 General & Biological Chemistry 4
MLT1010 Basic Medical Laboratory Techniques 2
MLT1020 Body Fluids 2
MTH1240 Statistics 3

Second Semester

Course Title Credit hours
MLT1030 Phlebotomy Theory and Techniques 2
MLT1040 Hematology and Coagulation 4
MLT1050 Clinical Chemistry 4
BIO1140 Basic Anatomy and Physiology 4

Third Semester

Course Title Credit hours
ENG1000 English Composition I 3
MLT2000 Clinical Microbiology I 4
MLT2010 Immunology and Serology 2
OIS1240 Computer Applications 3

Fourth Semester

Course Title Credit hours
ALH1140 Healthcare Issues:Medical Law and Ethics 1
ALH1150 Healthcare Issues: Patient Communication 1
ENG1100 English Composition II 3
MLT2020 Immunohematology 4
MLT2100 Clinical Microbiology II 2
PSY1100 Introduction to Psychology 3

Fifth Semester

Course Title Credit hours
MLT2080 MLT Case Studies 2
MLT2090 MLT Clinical Experience & Seminar 8

Total Credit Hours: 65