Workforce Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer both electronic and pen-and-paper assessments.
Yes, for some occupations and skill sets. Contact us for details.
“The staff has been very helpful in determining, with input, our company's training needs and then, through the utilization of Workforce Solutions and the community, arranging customized training. The training solutions have produced measurable results.” -- Patricia McNab
No, we can offer both credit and non-credit courses when and where our customers need them. In past years, more than half of our non-credit courses were offered at the customer’s location. Additionally, MTC now brings the training to your company via the Mobile Training lab. This mobile lab provides a 9 seat classroom at your location. Companies save travel time and expenses when training is held on the company site.
Our services improve operations and facilitate success for a wide variety of companies - large and small - including those in manufacturing, transportation, utilities, construction, mining, retail, healthcare, and the service industry.
Our business and industry customers report that they have saved many times their investment in training.