Creating a Model for Technician Education in Smart Manufacturing


                                                                                                                 Grant #2000177

Elizabeth Azhikannickal

Elizabeth Azhikannickal, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Director of Engineering Technologies, MTC

Feng Hua

Feng Hua, Ph.D.
Co-Principal Investigator
Associate Professor, Engineering Technologies, MTC

Blake Urbach

Blake Urbach, M.S.
External Program Evaluator, Preferred Program Evaluations


Bob Haas

Bob Haas, Ph.D.
Authorized Organizational Representative
Provost and Chief Strategy Officer, MTC

Mike White

Mike White, M.A.
Co-Principal Investigator
Associate Dean of Technical Programs, MTC

Chelsea Glezen

Chelsea Glezen, M.A.
Grant Coordinator
Administrative Assistant to Provost, MTC