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Local Students Win $18,000 in Scholarships at Math Challenge

Math Challenge Winners
December 14, 2023

Dozens of students from five local high schools competed in the annual OSU MTC Marion Mathematics Challenge on the Marion Campus this December. When the pencils went down, a dozen students walked away with $18,000 in scholarships. The students came from Harding, North Union, Pleasant and River Valley.  

“These in-demand math skills will benefit these students in their adult lives and careers,” said Dr. Ryan McCall, president of Marion Tech. “We are happy to help recognize and reward them now. ”

Marion Technical College and The Ohio State University at Marion each awarded the first-place winner $1,000 scholarships. The second-place winners earned $750 from each institution. The third-place winner in each grade level was awarded $500 from each college.


9th Grade Winners

9th Grade

  • 1st Place - Josiah Kramp - Pleasant
  • 2nd Place - Matt Murphy - Pleasant                    
  • 3rd Place - Carter Glick - North Union

10th Grade Winners

10th Grade

  • 1st Place - Al VanHorne - Harding
  • 2nd Place - Reagan Tway- Harding
  • 3rd Place- Jacob Gasmire - River Valley

 11th Grade Winners

11th Grade

  • 1st Place - Troy Harvey - North Union       
  • 2nd Place - Samantha Schmelzer - Pleasant
  • 3rd Place  - Skylar Price - Harding

12th Grade Winners

12th Grade

  • 1st Place - Eric Snider - North Union   
  • 2nd Place - Savannah Queen - North Union
  • 3rd Place - Maura Murphy - Pleasant


These include the top scorers from each school from all grades. The students received individual medals and the school received a trophy. The name with the highest score is listed first.

1st Place Team Winners

1st Place:  North Union:   Eric Snider, Savannah Queen, Lindsay Willis, Abigail Zimmerman, Anna Crusey and Troy Harvey.

2nd Place Team Winners

2nd Place:  Pleasant:   Josiah Kramp, Maura Murphy, Cole Dyer, Matt Murphy, Samantha Schmelzer and Donnie Le.

3rd Place Team Winners

3rd Place:  Harding:   Audrey Simon, Alexander Lisiecki, Al Van Horne, Reagan Tway, Skylar Price and Ashley Martinez.

In addition to congratulating the participants and the winners, Marion Tech and Ohio State Marion would like to thank the Wm. Kay Davis Foundation for providing all trophies and awards.

Committee members who work organize the event, write the test, calculate the winners and prepare practice tests include: Micah Chrisman, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Ohio State Marion; David Gorenflo, retired Tech Prep Consultant at Marion Tech; John Maharry, Professor of Mathematics at Ohio State Marion; Tyler Maley, Director of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Marion Tech; Brian McEnnis, Professor of Mathematics Emeritus at Ohio State University Marion; and Sally O’Connor, Adjunct Faculty at Marion Tech; and Scott Zimmerman, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Ohio State Marion.

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