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Local Philanthropist Kit Fogle Honors Parents with Scholarship Fund at Marion Technical College

Kit Fogle Scholarship
February 22, 2024

Marion Technical College is honored to announce the establishment of a new scholarship fund, generously created by local farmer, businessman and philanthropist Kit Fogle and his family. The David and Jane Fogle Scholarship Fund will support students pursuing their educational aspirations at Marion Technical College.

“I wanted to do this in my parents’ honor,” Fogle said.

The reason Fogle selected Marion Tech for the fund was simple.

“Marion Tech is one of the best assets of this community. Every business or neighbor has a connection to Marion Tech,” Fogle said.

Kit Fogle and Dr. Amy Adams

"We are deeply grateful to Kit Fogle for his generous contribution to the Marion Technical College community," said Mike Stuckey, Director of the Marion Tech Foundation. "He is not only investing in students but also investing in our community. The far majority of our students who graduate from Marion Tech will end up working and living within 50 miles of the college.”

Fogle knows the value of Marion Tech. He is serving as the Vice Chair of the Marion Tech Board of Trustees. He has been a member of the board for five years.

“Kit has great leadership instincts,” said Roxane Somerlot, Chair of the college’s Board of Trustees and Director of Marion County Job & Family Services. “He takes his role seriously and actively supports the college and the community in tangible ways.”

Humble Couple Prioritized Hard Work and Education

David and Jane Fogle farmed all of their lives. They raised their four children on the farm located in the tri-county area of Marion, Hardin and Wyandot counties. Kit and his sisters caught the bus to Upper Sandusky schools at 6:40 a.m.

“Someone asked my dad what I would be doing over the summer break. My dad said, ‘Well, he won’t be sleeping in anymore!’” Fogle chuckled. “They worked hard and encouraged a strong work ethic in all of their children.”

The Fogles did not attend college, but they made it a priority for their children.

“They encouraged and supported education all the time. I was thinking I would farm after graduating from high school, but they insisted I go to college,” Fogle said.

“It says a lot about them that they encouraged you,” Stuckey said.

College Paved Way to Pursue the American Dream

That decision changed Fogle’s life and opened doors for different lines of work.

“It gave me opportunities. I took advantage of those and had good experiences,” Fogle said.

Kit and Lori Fogle

As a first generation college student, Fogle worked through college and appreciated scholarships. He now serves as Senior Vice President of investments for Stifel Investments and is a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA).

Fogle and his wife, Lori, also continue to operate the family farm. They ensured that their daughters Abigail and Alexis graduated from college. Abigail’s husband, Tyler Spears, is currently attending Marion Tech to study IT and cybersecurity.

The Fogle family’s new scholarship fund will help others pursuing a college education.

“I hope it allows people to further their education, get a better-paying job, stay in the community and give back,” Fogle said. “It’s the American Dream.”

Benefitting Students and the Community

Marion Tech serves thousands of students. More than half from Marion and Wyandot counties. Many are also the first generation of their family to attend college. The majority of students work while attending class.

“Marion Tech is a great value but our students still have challenges paying for school and other costs. Scholarships help reduce these barriers,” Stuckey said.

“We’ve been blessed all our lives and we want to pass it on and share it,” Fogle said.

“Scholarships like these are life-changing for the student. The Fogle family has given so much to the community. This is one more way they are giving back,” said Ellen Messenger, Vice President of the Marion Tech Foundation Board.

From Kit to his daughters to board members, all remember the difference scholarships made in being able to graduate from college.

“As a student, scholarships were very important. I know what a blessing they were to me when I was working and raising my family while going to college,” Somerlot said.

In addition to a personal accomplishment, every graduate benefits the local community.

“At Ohio Job & Family Services, a part of our role is to support an educated work force and help people transition from where they are to where they want to be. This is another means to that end,” Somerlot said.

Scholarship Funds Grow

This is the 45th scholarship fund for the Marion Tech Foundation and the third created from someone from Wyandot County. The Fogle Scholarship will be awarded to graduates of Upper Sandusky High School with a financial need and good academic standing.

Dr. McCall and Kit Fogle

Dozens of people attended the Fogle Family’s fundraiser in Upper Sandusky in December, which increased the scholarship fund on top of what the Fogles donated. Anyone wishing to support this fund can designate the Fogle Scholarship Fund.

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