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Five Inducted into Marion Technical College Alumni Hall of Fame

Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees
December 11, 2023

In a moving ceremony, Marion Technical College inducted five people into the Alumni Hall of Fame this November.

“Each one of these inductees have made differences in their fields and in the lives of others with their passion and compassion,” said Dr. Ryan McCall, president of Marion Tech.

Trish Frazzini

Trish Frazzini

Trish Frazzini was a mother of three who worked full-time while attending Marion Tech. She later earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. This licensed social worker Frazzini served as executive director of Wyandot County Family and Children First Council.  She is a professor of Social Work and Addictions at Marion Technical College.

Jessica Coleman, a former student and fellow Hall of Fame member, said, “She’s a fighter, a champion for herself, her family, her students and the disenfranchised.”

“Marion Tech changed my life,” Frazzini said. “I love helping our students succeed.”

Natalie Longmeier

Natalie Longmeier

Heidi Jones, president of the Marion Area Chamber of Commerce, nominated Longmeier, a mother of three who went to college while working full-time.

At Marion Matters, Longmeier set the standard for Success Coaches. Longmeier helped adults gain skills needed to succeed at work and find resources including transportation and childcare. She grew the Employer Resource Network and is now the executive director.

“I witnessed her innovation and work ethic. I admire her thirst for knowledge and her ability to ask tough questions. She is very forward-thinking and determined to find solutions to community issues,” Jones said.

“I’m here to serve others,” Longmeier said, while she challenged others to be servant leaders.

Darlene Schoonard

Darlene Schoonard

Schoonard retired from nursing after 30 years. She worked in emergency rooms and surgical units before entering forensic nursing. She cared for more than 1,000 local pediatric victims of sexual assault and collected evidence for trials.

“Darlene is the perfect example of what can be accomplished with a degree from Marion Technical College,” said Sheree Ford, Forensic Nurse Coordinator for OhioHealth. “She was one of the pioneers of forensics in this community.”

Schoonard started the pediatric sexual assault nursing program in Marion in 2003 and later in Morrow County. She expanded care to victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.

“Every day, we come across victims of crime – neighbors, coworkers and friends. They are hurting. They are waiting to tell someone. It’s my prayer that we all have our ears open. I hope we will do the best each day to be there for each other,” Schoonard said.

Clifford Smith

Clifford Smith

Smith, a veteran, became a corrections officer He needed a degree to get ahead.

“It’s never too late to go to college,” said Tom Stotts, fellow Hall of Fame member and Chief Probation Officer. “We think of college as a gateway to employment. However, with Cliff’s college experience, it opened doors to several promotions.”

Smith earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He was deputy warden of special services at Marion Correctional Institution and warden at North Central Correctional Institution. He also worked at the Ohio Department of Youth Services. He was a diversion officer with the Marion County Prosecutor’s Officer. He is now a probation officer with Marion Municipal Court.

“Marion Tech became my ‘get to next,’” Smith said, referencing the college’s branding. “As a result of my education, I was able to advance.”

Lyndsey Vance

Lyndsey Vance

Blair Rowland, founder of the Bridge Group Realty, nominated Vance for her excellence in several fields. Vance attended Marion Tech as a first-generation student. She won awards for nursing at OhioHealth. She earned her bachelor’s degree and became a nurse at Pleasant Local Schools. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Vance pivoted. She used business classes from Marion Tech to run Rob’s Hauling Service and became a senior real estate specialist.

“She is a life-long learner who continues to build on the foundation provided by MTC. She was able to use her education for not only a career Plan A, but a Plan B as well,” Rowland said.

“MTC has always exactly what I needed when I needed it,” Vance said. “I saw MTC evolve and meet changing community needs.”

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