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Baileys Start Scholarship Fund for Local Students

Dr. McCall, Phyllis Butterworth, Dr. David and Alice Bailey, Amy Adams, and Mike Stuckey
March 15, 2023

A generous local couple is investing in Marion’s future. Dr. David and Alice Bailey of Waldo pledged $50,000 to create an endowed scholarship fund for Tri-Rivers graduates attending Marion Technical College. Funds can be used for tuition, books or living expenses.

“We support the community. This is one way to do it. We are investing in future generations of young people who will complete their education at Marion Tech. Many students want to stay in Marion,” said Dr. Bailey, a retired local otolaryngologist. “We want to support valuable people doing valuable things. These are degrees and skills we need in Marion.”

Alice Bailey worked as the equity coordinator with tech prep programs at Marion Technical College. She also worked as a career development coordinator at Tri-Rivers Career Center for more than 20 years. This gave her insight into the struggles of local students.

“I loved what I did. I loved the kids. I realized the need,” Alice Bailey said. “Many of those students are underserved and can use all the support anyone can give them. The instructors at Tri-Rivers and Marion Tech change lives. They focus on the individual needs of the students and try their best to get them to complete a program, earn a credential and make a good living.”

The endowed fund, created by the Baileys, will generate scholarships that will be awarded annually. Phyllis Butterworth, President of the Marion Technical College Foundation, said this will make a difference in our community.

“I don’t think anyone who knows the Baileys will be surprised by their generosity. They are taking care of students in our community,” said Butterworth. “What I love most about this scholarship is that it helps students who are not always recognized but really need it. It will support students for years and years to come. That’s the beauty of these kinds of gifts.”

Bailey Scholarship Fund

The Dr. David and Alice Bailey Scholarship Fund can be awarded to one or more students with financial need. The first scholarship will be awarded for Fall Semester 2022.

“If students have the skills and the drive, they will succeed,” Alice Bailey said. “We believe in Marion Technical College and Tri-Rivers Career Center.”

“Marion Technical College and Tri-Rivers Career Center have a great partnership.” Butterworth said.

Bailey Scholarship Fund

Thousands of students attend Marion Technical College each year. It has a number of students who are the first in their families to attend college. Many are working parents. The average student age is 27. Marion Tech provides a local, affordable, quality education.

“We are so appreciative of this meaningful gift,” said Mike Stuckey, director of the Marion Technical College Foundation. “This will make a huge difference for students for decades to come.”

To donate, go here.

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