Intel® Semiconductor Manufacturing


This 10 credit hour micro-certificate program will provide the education and training necessary to gain entry level employment in the semiconductor manufacturing or related industry. Once completed, you can choose to continue your studies at Marion Tech and work towards completing a one-year certificate or associate degree in  Engineering Technology.

The Intel® Partnership at Marion Tech

As the semiconductor industry experiences significant growth in Ohio, Marion Tech has unveiled new programs and career pathways designed to fast-track workers needed for the industry and the entire semiconductor ecosystem. Intel is expected to hire 3,000 workers for the factories in central Ohio, including more than 2,000 technicians, more than 700 engineers, and up to 150 support workers. Hundreds of additional jobs are expected to come online as regional semiconductor suppliers ramp up hiring.

Courses for college programs were developed by the Ohio Association of Community College’s Semiconductor Collaboration Network thanks to a grant from Intel to create a jobs pipeline for the semiconductor industry and the ecosystem that surrounds the industry. These initiatives are aimed at equipping Ohioans with the essential skills and knowledge required to help prepare individuals for diverse roles within the semiconductor industry. Included among the collaboration network’s goals for hiring are attracting women, underrepresented minorities, veterans, and military families to jobs in the semiconductor field.

To meet the challenge, the collaboration network tapped a statewide team of community college faculty experts to develop the course curriculums including staff members at  Marion Tech. The resulting blueprint for semiconductor industry education will be provided at no cost to local Technical Centers, Career Centers, and school districts, allowing them to offer and align the courses with their College Credit Plus classes.

Among the training and degrees being offered at Marion Tech is this short term micro-cert for becoming an entry-level technician.

Required Courses

MFT1050 Semiconductor 101      4 credit hours

MFT1100 Manufacturing Processes       3 credit hours

MFT1060 Intro to Vacuum Systems    3 credit hours