Alternative Energy Option


Courses you’ll take

Associate of Applied Science Degree

First Semester

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Course Title Credit hours
GET1000 Intro to Engineering 2
EET1000 Introduction to Electricity 2
EET2010 Intro to Programmable Controllers 2
AET1100 Alternative Energy 3
MET1020 Engineering Drawings and Diagrams 2
TMT1110 Applied Technical Math 3
OIS1240 Computer Applications 3
FYE1000 Academic and Career Success 1

Second Semester

Course Title Credit hours
AET2100 Photovoltaic Technology 3
EET1500 Circuit Analysis I 3
ENG1000 English Composition I 3
PHY1110 Applied Physics 4
MTH1245 College Algebra 3

Third Semester

Course Title Credit hours
EET1550 Circuit Analysis II 3
EET2060 Advanced Programmable Controllers 3
AET1510 Business ofEnergy 2
EET2200 Electrical Power Systems 2
COM1400 Oral Communication 3
SOC2020 Ethnic and Cultural Diversity 3
BUS2800 Career Readiness 1

Fourth Semester

Course Title Credit hours
EET2301 Analog Electronics 3
MET1200 Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) 3
GET2300 Engineering Statistics 2
GET2700 Engineering Cooperative Work Experience 1
SOC1200 Sociology 3
PSY1100 Introduction to Psychology 3