Marketing Media Major


Courses you’ll take

Associate of Applied Business Degree

First Semester - Fall

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Course Title Credit hours
BUS1001 Introduction to Business 3
ENG1000 English Composition I 3
FYE1000 Academic and Career Success 1
MTH1240 Statistics 3
MTH1245 College Algebra 3
OIS1240 Computer Applications 3

Second Semester - Spring

Course Title Credit hours
ACC1400 Financial Accounting 4
BUS2100 Ethics 3
ECN2000 Microeconomics 3
MKT2030 Principles of Marketing 3
COM1400 Oral Communication 3

Third Semester - Fall

Course Title Credit hours
ASC0000 Arts and Science Elective 3
EXP2800 Career Readiness 1
MGT2210 Human Resource Management 3
MGT2410 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT2510 Project Management 3
MKT2150 Principles of Advertising and Promotion 3
OIS2011 Video and Photography Technologies 3

Fourth Semester - Spring

Course Title Credit hours
BUS2150 Legal Environment of Business 3
BUS1200 Business Communications 3
ECN2100 Macroeconomics 3
EXP2900 Internship 1
MKT2200 Public Relations & Social Media 3
OIS1620 Digital Image Manipulation 3

Total Credit Hours: 64