Lillie Kirsch, M.S.W.


Lillie’s clinical background includes extensive training in psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation and she has over a decade of work in the behavioral/mental health field where she served as a program director of a day treatment program for individuals with significant psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders.  She worked in child protective services and in forensic social work. She has a master's degree in Clinical Social Work, a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and an associate's degree in Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.   Lillie individually developed and implemented the Social Work and Addictions program at MTC (formerly the Human and Social Services) and expanded the program to include a certificate in Addictions Studies and she implemented program additions in Gerontology and Trauma.  She developed most of the practicum internships in the program and continues to be involved in direct and indirect practicum coordination.  She provided the leadership to begin educational training for incarcerated individuals in Addictions Studies at a local prison.  Lillie taught at the Ohio State University for 14 years and has served on a myriad of community boards in numerous counties including ADAMH, Ohio Reformatory for Women, Children Services, Community Action/Head Start, North Central Ohio Rehabilitative Center, etc.  She is a member of numerous professional organizations and has served on a variety of committees at the state level including the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Ohio Coalition of Associate Degree Human Service Educators.  She helped write and review courses in social work, behavioral health, and substance use disorders for state-wide social work TAGs and Career Technical courses.


  • M.S.W., The Ohio State University
  • B.A., Capital University
  • A.A.S., North Central Technical College