College Credit Plus

FAQs for Homeschool and Nonpublic High School Students/Parents

Yes. College Credit Plus is an opportunity available to all 7-12 grade students who are accepted into the program by a college or university within Ohio. The program operates in much the same way, regardless of what high school a student attends. However, students attending a private high school and homeschooling students must apply to the Ohio Department of Education in order to receive funding for courses. Please check the main College Credit Plus page for information, forms, and updates.
Your child may certainly self-pay for additional college courses beyond what the state was able to fund under College Credit Plus (CCP). However, those additional courses/credits are considered to be beyond the CCP program. Therefore, your student’s high school will not be required to provide your student with all of the benefits of the CCP program for those courses/credits “beyond” the program. Although tuition for the CCP courses will be paid for by the state, the tuition for any additional courses will likely cost your student the college or university’s regular tuition. A public college or university cannot offer an adjusted tuition rate unless the Chancellor has authorized the institution to do so. A private institution may adjust its tuition at its discretion. The student is also required to purchase their own required books for each course they take.

The secondary (high school/district) schools are responsible for providing the coursework materials ("textbooks"). The postsecondary institution is responsible for providing all supplemental supplies required by the course syllabus ("fees"). Under no circumstances are public or nonpublic/chartered school CCP students required to pay for college course instructional tools or supplies. However, homeschool and nonpublic/non-chartered students are responsible for providing their own coursework materials ("textbooks") but not the course-required supplies.

ORC 3365.07, 3365.09

The CCP program requires the use of state funds to pay student tuition and requires colleges and high schools/districts to comply with many quality and student services. In order to assure that those quality measures are satisfied, a student’s participation in the program is dependent on state-funded tuition.

Nonpublic and homeschooled students are funded through state allocations that are designated for each group. Annually, the demand for the CCP tuition awards far exceeds the supply of available funds. A student who was not state-funded for a particular number of requested college credit hours is not prevented from taking those college courses; however, if she chooses to take the college courses, the family would be financially responsible.

Therefore, a high school student taking college courses outside of the CCP program cannot be guaranteed all of the benefits of the CCP program, and a public college or university cannot offer an adjusted tuition rate unless the institution has already been authorized by the Chancellor to do so. A private institution may adjust its tuition at its own discretion.

ORC 3365.04, 3365.06

Visit this ODE webpage for additional information for homeschooled students.

Visit this ODE webpage for additional information for nonpublic/private school students.

Note: Families should begin the funding application process as early as possible within the application window to complete the process well in advance of the deadline. The application system can save an application in progress so that families can begin the process and upload documents as they are able. 

Please contact the college or university and request a letter of “conditional” acceptance. While colleges and universities are not required to provide a letter of conditional acceptance, many colleges will provide this; others will not. This letter can indicate that they have received the student’s application and the student’s acceptance into the College Credit Plus program is dependent on receipt and review of ACT/SAT scores, high school transcript, etc. This can be in the form of an email or letter that can be scanned and uploaded. The email or letter should have the institution’s logo or a valid email address from a college representative.


To view the letter, please follow the steps below. Please note the process has changed. You must have an OH|ID account to access the College Credit Plus funding application. Click here for information to create a new account.
1.    Log into your OH|ID account here.
2.    Click the College Credit Plus tile (under My Apps).
3.    In the College Credit Plus Parent Dashboard under Student Details click View.
4.    In the Award Details tab, click on the Award Letter link to view the letter.

Please email your letter to Callum Morris, Director of College Credit Plus:


  • It is your family’s responsibility to submit a copy of the award letter to the college or university in which your student is enrolled.
  • If you uploaded an unofficial college acceptance letter, meaning the college required additional documentation before final admittance, please upload the official college acceptance letter. The official acceptance letter is considered the final notification your child has been accepted by the college or university.

Like last year, there was an increase in College Credit Plus applications. We are excited that more students are taking advantage of the program. This could mean your student may not have been awarded all the hours requested in the funding application. 

If you would like to review the funding award process, please refer to Ohio Administrative Code 3333-1-65.8.

If you have questions about OH|ID or need technical support with your account, contact the Ohio Department of Education at 877-644-6338 or

Please review the College Credit Plus Information Session presentations for private/nonpublic or homeschooled students, available under "CCP Presentations" on

Please follow these instructions regarding documents to be updated to the funding application system:


Final college acceptance letter The parent had previously submitted a conditional acceptance letter. Yes, this can be done at any time and must be uploaded by the deadline each year.
Additional acceptance letter for a new college This is an acceptance letter to another college. This new college was not previously identified in the funding application. Yes, this can be done at any time throughout the academic year.

Parents can log in and review funding applications at any time. The only changes to the application (after the deadline - May 1, 2020) that can be made are to upload additional documents related to acceptance. The deadline for a final college acceptance letter is May 30, 2020. 

Click to view State Steps to Apply for College Credit Plus Funding

Click to view State Home School and Private Student Funding Application

The SAFE Portal is being integrated with the OH|ID System in order to process applications in a more secure, streamlined way. All homeschool and nonpublic student families will need to access the funding award letters through the new OH|ID System.