Freya Holloway


Freya began as an Aspire instructor here in July 2023 and has served as the Interim Director since January 2024. She is also a Student Success Advisor, mentor, and content creator/social media manager for the NASA L’SPACE Program, a free workforce development program open to any student at least 18 years of age enrolled in a U.S. college or university. Before coming to Marion Tech, she worked with K-12 at the Boys and Girls Club here in Marion for 5 years. Freya is currently pursuing a 2nd Bachelor of Science in Astronomical & Planetary Sciences with a minor in Project Management at Arizona State University. She earned her A.S. from Marion Tech in 2019 and her first B.S. in Space Studies with a concentration in Astronomy from American Public University System in 2022. Two years ago, she was an intern on the NASA Lucy Mission – 1st mission to the Trojan Asteroids- where she worked in science communications with the mission’s home office, the Southwest

Research Institute in Boulder, CO. Since then, Freya has engaged in numerous public outreach and education activities, including a recent appearance on the podcast, the LIUniverse, and a live webinar on teaching eclipse activities in Aspire classrooms for the Ohio Literacy Resource Center and Ohio Aspire. She is an Eclipse Ambassador with the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and a NASA Lucy Ambassador. She is also an avid reader and enjoys traveling, backyard astronomy, collecting rocks/meteorites, engaging in various arts & crafts, spending time with her family, and always learning new things. She is looking forward to a fulfilling career here at Marion Tech!


  • B. S. -  American Public University System 
  • A. S. -  Marion Technical College