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Credit-By-Exam (CBE) Information

Course Textbook Chapters Questions Pass
ALH1110 Medical Terminology* Medical Language  1-18  100-multiple choice 70%
To make arrangements to take ALH1110 Credit-by-Exam and/or pick up study packet, contact Health Technologies Administrative Assistant, Darlene L. Lewis, at 740-389-4636, Ext. 4180. 
NUR 1000 Nurse Aide Training

Exam Eligibility:

Must have taken a Nurse Aide Course within past 5 years and certification has lapsed or expired; Must have worked as Nurse Aide in hospital or home health care agency for 1 year or longer.

Credit-by-Exam consists of:

100 questions on Final Exam (written portion and must receive a 75% to pass and schedule Skills Test portion. Skills Test consists of five randomly chosen skills out of the 24 state required skills, one hour to demonstrate; 80% to pass. Passing the NUR 1000 Credit-by-Exam will not grant a "Certificate of Completion" nor grant eligibility to sit for the State Test.
*EMT’s and paramedics do not have bedside skills are not permitted to take this test.
To make arrangements to take NUR 1000 Credit-by Exam contact Nursing Assistant Program Coordinator, Sandra Allen, at 740-389-4636, ext. 4133.


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