COVID-19 Information for Students

Information for Students 

Message from President – Fall Semester 2021 – 3-8-2021

Marion Technical College’s Return to Campus  Recorded Town Hall Meeting

We can fully assist you via phone.

Primary phone number:  740-389-4636

Direct phone numbers to MTC offices:

  • Admissions and Financial Aid:  740-386-4113
  • Student Accounts:  740-386-4172
  • Office of the Registrar:  740-386-4104
  • Center for Student Success and Engagement (CSSE):  740-386-4200


COVID-19 Notice – 2020-2021 Academic Year

As we prepare for the upcoming academic year, the challenges and uncertainty for delivering course content remain in this COVID-19 environment.  The college intends to provide academic courses through a variety of formats, including in-person/onsite, blended/hybrid, remote, and online.  Since unanticipated circumstances at any time could affect the ability to deliver course content in a particular manner, the college reserves the right to modify the delivery method for course content for the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff.  Irrespective of the delivery format, the college’s competitive tuition, and course fee structure shall remain the same for academic courses, consistent with published college tuition and fee schedules.  There will be no refund or reduction on tuition or course fees since the college will be providing a full semester of instruction and awarding full academic credit to those who satisfactorily fulfill course requirements.

Online classes meet in one of two formats:

  1. Online classes that meet at a set time each week (Synchronous) – the instructor broadcasts a lecture at set times each week; students are expected to access the class session at that set time. This format provides a way to mimic an in-person class and enables some real-time interaction between the instructors and students.
  2. Online classes that do not meet at a set time (Asynchronous) – students read course material at their own times; there is no requirement to access a class session at a given time.

MTC offers classes in the following formats (plans are subject to change as COVID conditions change). The class section schedule and the class CANVAS site will provide details about meeting times for each class section:

    1. In-person (face-to-face) – lecture or lab courses (section number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 21,22, etc.)

                                                    i.     Course section will have a designated Building and Room Number (such as BR134, HTC 103, LC 131)

                                                   ii.     Course section will have a designated day and time (such as Mon/Weds 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM).

    1. Blended partial in-person, also known as hybrid (section number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 21,22, etc.)

                                                    i.     In-person course sections will show a designated Building and Room number (such as BR134, HTC 103, LC 131)

                                                   ii.     Course section will have a designated time (such as Tues 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM); additional work is completed online

    1. Online classes that meet at a set time each week (synchronous online; section number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,21,22, etc.)

                                                    i.     Course section room number will show as SYNCON (Synchronous Online)

                                                   ii.     Course section will have a designated time (such as Mon/Weds 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM)

    1. Online classes that do not meet at a set time (asynchronous online; section number 50,51,52,53,54, etc.)

                                                    i.     Course section room number will show as ONLINE

                                                   ii.     Course section time will show as an early morning time with a 1-minute interval (2:51-2:52, 2:01-2:02)

The standard length of classes is 16 weeks of coursework. However, some classes are offered in an 8-week length (half-term classes)

Half-term (8-week) courses

i.     Half-term class sections can meet in any of the formats listed above

ii. 8-week sections are designated with a 1S or 2S in front of the section number.

1.     1S – sections runs the first 8 weeks. Starts August 24, ends October 17

2.     2S – sections run the second 8 weeks Starts October 19, ends December 12

NOTE: The meeting times will be posted on the course schedule and also at the top of the course Canvas section. Some class meetings might vary to accommodate room size restrictions.

The in-person class formats are subject to change to an online format if the COVID-19 situation worsens or MTC is under a health advisory.

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is available online.  This is required for all new students, including transfer and former CCP.  For more information, please visit https://www.mtc.edu/future-students/orientation/.

Setting up your MyMTC account:

Establish your password to gain access to your MTC email and MyMTC account.  This brief video will show you how.


Advising and registering for classes:

Any student with 12+ completed credits in good standing (2.0) can register online in MyInfo. CCP students are not eligible for online registration and must contact their advisor to register. Step-by-step instructions for online registration are included in the following PDF:

Online Registration Instructions

The class schedules for the upcoming term may be viewed through the following links:

You are encouraged to speak with your advisor prior to registering to ensure you are selecting the right courses. If you are new to MTC or have fewer than 12 credits completed or you are on academic warning or probation, you will need to meet with an advisor to register.  Registration appointments are currently being held by phone or Zoom.

For more information about advising during the fall semester, please visit https://www.mtc.edu/current-students/advising/.

Free Sample Courses

MTC has developed Free Sample Courses that you can try to “test drive” the online learning experience. Online course options at MTC include both synchronous and asynchronous courses.

Phone Appointments with Admissions during COVID-19

Are you interested in applying to MTC and speaking with admissions? All admissions staff are currently working remotely, but we won’t let that slow you down. You can discover the programs we offer, how to enroll, and discuss the financial aid process with an admissions representative via phone. Use the following link to choose an appointment time that is convenient for you. An admissions representative will call you at your appointment time.

Book an Admissions Phone Appointment

Tip: Get the most out of your appointment by viewing the MTC website during your appointment.

Will College Credit Plus (CCP) continue during COVID-19? Where can I get information?

College Credit Plus (CCP) classes offered at our high school partner sites will continue via remote instruction via Canvas and other means. The Ohio Department of Education has provided the following resource for information on CCP during COVID-19:

COVID-19 Crisis Guidance for CCP Students & Families

Will support services be available to students?

Yes. MTC recognizes that the change of moving courses from face-to-face sessions to distance learning during this period may create additional stress and anxiety for students. While your classes may be virtual, student services will be available to assist you with managing your stress.

If you want to talk with someone about your stress/anxiety, Mike Stuckey at MTC is available by email (stuckeym@mtc.edu) or phone (740-386-4171) to provide guidance to community counseling resources, if needed.

Additionally, Natalie Longmeier, the Success Coach and Student Resource Navigator for MTC, is still available to assist students in getting connected to community resources for additional support in housing, food, transportation, jobs, etc.  Although Natalie will not be physically present on campus for walk-ins and face-to-face contact until we return to a normal, on-campus schedule, she may still be reached by email or phone Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Please leave a message or text her at 740-262-8356, or email at ern.marionmatters@gmail.com.

If you are a student with a documented disability that the new format is now impacting and want to discuss possible accommodations, please contact Jenifer Montag, Director of Disability Services at MTC by email DS@mtc.edu or phone 740-386-4222.

If you need your course materials to read aloud, please download Read & Write software.

How can I get assistance with Canvas and other online/ technology needs?

Students may contact Mike White at whitejm@mtc.edu. Students are also able to get technical support for their online needs in Canvas by clicking on the HELP button (24/7 Canvas Support is available for students).

How do you use conferences in Canvas?

What other technology resources are available for students?

Tyler Maley, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, has created a Google document of resources for students with information on wi-fi access, cellular data plans, remote learning, and more. This resource will be updated regularly and is available through the following link:

Resources for Students During Virtual Learning

Jenifer Montag, Director of Disability Services, has developed the following resource to assist students in managing the transition to online learning:

Adjusting Your Study Habits Through the COVID-19 Transition

Student Assistance Program

Your ComPsych, GuidanceResources, Student Assistance Program offers someone to talk to and resources to consult whenever and wherever you need them.  These services are free of charge and include in-person mental health counsel for you and anyone else living in your household. For immediate assistance, call toll-free (833) 955-3384 For additional information,  Contact Your GuidanceResourcesStudent Assistance Program

I need to send a printed document to MTC electronically, such as a transcript. How can I do so?

If you do not have a scanner at home, a solution would be to use your mobile phone’s camera and an app to convert an image of a document into a shareable PDF. One such app is Genius Scan, available for iOS and Android devices. You can download Genius Scan for free and optionally unlock a paid upgrade if you want to do so:

Genius scan app icon
Genius Scan by The Grizzly Labs

App Store icon     Google Play icon

Will the Testing Center be open?

Yes, the Testing Center is open on a limited basis due to social distancing guidelines.  Appointments are required.  You can sign up for a time here.  Evening appointments are available by request, please call 740-386-4200 or email to testing@mtc.edu to make arrangements.  If you need to take the Accuplacer placement test, reach out to your advisor about alternate placement testing that can be done online at home before scheduling a time to take the Accuplacer on campus to see if this is an option for you.

Will the Marion Campus Library be open?


Summer Semester Library Information

  • May 12th thru August 20th
  • Monday – Thursday        8a-5p
  • Friday                                CLOSED  (Library staff available by email, phone, or skype from 10a-4p)
  • Saturday-Sunday             CLOSED.

For questions, please contact the library staff.

Head Librarian: Pat Wood 740-725-6335 wood.360@osu.edu /woodp@mtc.edu.

Library Associate: Deanna Bachtell 740-725-6327 bachtell.1@osu.edu / bachtelld@mtc.edu. Updated July 30, 2020

For more information about the library, see our webpage at www.mtc.edu/library.

Will financial aid, admissions, and other student support services remain open?

Yes. These resources will remain open via phone.