Statement on National Protests

Statement on National Protests

The avoidable and unwarranted death of George Floyd has been felt in our homes and across our nation. People of all backgrounds are overcome with sorrow, frustration, and anger. I cannot adequately address this situation for each person reading this but feel strongly that we, as a community, need to address our shortcomings constructively. The world is watching, wondering how our country will respond to the crisis. When a life-changing event like this occurs and has occurred on multiple occasions, we need to take a more in-depth look. We need to listen, respond with humility, and encourage opportunities for understanding. We need to embrace that each person has unique vantage points and experiences. “Normal” is not the same for everyone, and for the marginalized, the current “normal” is unacceptable. Now is a pivotal moment to create a new normal, a time to insist on real change that starts in our homes and our communities.

America contains a diversity of cultures, but we all share fundamental values: democracy, equality, freedom, fairness, prosperity, efficiency, compassion, and religious tolerance. The best part of America is hope; this is why so many choose to come here. What we are witnessing is not our country at its best. We can work together to form a more perfect union. We can set our egos aside and find evidence-based ways to reform policies and laws. It takes courage to realize that we fall short of our ideals and work collaboratively to address them. It takes maturity to listen and to learn about people who experience a different version of “normal.” It takes bravery to work together on solutions, and admit we all have opportunities to learn, grow, and be uncomfortable. We need to embrace this moment as a college, a community, and a country to change our perspectives.

My knowledge and experience are limited, and my words are imperfect. Nevertheless, I strive to continue learning, growing and developing a fuller understanding and appreciation for all of humanity. As a college, we strive to support all of our students, faculty, and staff, but we know there is always work to do. We strive to live our core values of integrity, diversity, and community, and as such, we must continue our efforts to ensure we truly become a place where all feel welcome. Over the next several weeks, the College will be releasing updates on changes to our strategic plan addressing how we will fulfill our core value of diversity.

Community colleges are the embodiment of the hope of America. Marion Tech will ensure we remain focused on providing hope for something better for our students, our employees, and our community.


Dr. Ryan McCall
Marion Technical College