Professor by Day, Musician by Night

Professor by Day, Musician by Night

(Marion) Dr. Sue Conklin teaches anatomy, physiology, and nutrition at MTC by day, but by night, she is channeling her inner rock star. This musician plays and sings in a band called “Ralphie and the Now Forgotten.”

“Some of my students are shocked when I tell them I’m in a band,” Sue said with a smile.

The band performs.

From Jimi Hendrix to Johnny Cash to Stevie Nicks, the band plays from the 1960s and ‘70s. Sue loves the music from when she was growing up.

“We play every different kind of music, so there’s something for everybody,” Sue shared.

Sue had loved music from when she was a young child, but when this choir kid tried to focus on music as an adult, she was discouraged.

About age 47, an open mic night at a bar called Sadie’s changed all of that. After a successful performance, she formed a band originally called “Sister Sadie’s Traveling Medicine Show” with her partner, Rick Bending, and bass player Jim Breece.

“Jim’s been playing music for 45 years,” Sue said. “We’re really lucky to have him. He’s essential to our harmonies.”

The band started out with songs such as “Harper Valley P.T.A.,” “These Boots are Made for Walking,” and “It’s Too Late.” The band continually learns new songs, some by request. MTC graduate Amanda Sivey requested “The Night that the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” which is a new favorite song to perform.

Sue has worked on honing her piano skills as well as singing. Rick also sings and plays lead guitar and percussion. Her favorite current song to perform is “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks.

They also perform at charity functions, such as the Heifer Festival in Richwood, and some private parties.

After six or seven years together, the group continues to evolve.  To learn more, and to see their upcoming shows, go their Facebook page.


Sue Conklin performs at MTC during a staff event.