Marion Technical College Professors Honored for Excellence in Education

Marion Technical College Professors Honored for Excellence in Education

(Marion, Ohio) Marion Technical College is proud to announce that Ohio Magazine has recognized five faculty members for Excellence in Education in the December edition. The faculty members are: Christy Culver, Tola Francis-Sanusi, Trish Frazzini, Chad Hensel, and Lillie Kirsch.

Dr. Ryan McCall smiles
Dr. Ryan McCall, president

“Our faculty are being recognized statewide for excellence,” said Dr. Ryan McCall, president of MTC. “It shows their commitment to quality and innovation.”

Christy Culver smiles
Christy Culver

Christy Culver serves as a professor of business and information technology. She is also the faculty assessment coordinator. She also serves as the conference chair of the Ohio Association for Two-Year Colleges (OATYC). Marion Tech hosted the conference this year, bringing award-winning faculty to Marion and sharing innovative practices from institutions across Ohio.

Mike White

“Christy is an amazing teacher who is always pushing the limits of technology and innovating in the classroom,” said Mike White, Director of Business and Information Technology.

Culver has a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Ashland University, a Bachelor of Science in Comprehensive Business Education from Ashland University, and an Associate of Applied Business from MTC. She won the Teacher of the Year from the OATYC in 2009. She was also named the Post-Secondary Business Technology Educator of the Year in 2009 by OBTA, an association for business technology educators, and the Post-Secondary Business Teacher of the Year by North Central Business Education Association in 2010.

Tola Francis-Sanusi

Tola Francis-Sanusi is a professor of business at MTC. She prides herself on building personal relationships with her students and always having her door open for students. She is also leading MTC’s first study abroad trip, which will take students, faculty, staff and community members to London and Paris in March 2020.

“Tola is a leader in the business technologies department at where she is leading the study abroad initiative and guided pathways at Marion Technical College,” White shared. “She is committed to student success.”

A professor helps a student.

Francis-Sanusi has a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, a Bachelor of Science from the College of Staten Island and a Bachelor of Science in Computing from the University of Greenwich.

Trish Frazzini

Trish Frazzini is a professor of human and social services. She also serves as a practicum coordinator for students in ten counties, helping students gain valuable, practical experience.

“Trish Frazzini is an instrumental part of MTC’s Human and Social Service program and has helped lead MTC’s effort to mitigate the non-cognitive barriers such as food insecurity and housing challenges faced by many MTC students,” said Bob Haas, Chief Strategy Officer. “Trish is being recognized for her outstanding teaching and for helping establish MTC’s Connection Center.”

Bob Haas
Dr. Bob Haas

Frazzini has a Bachelor of Social Work from Capital University and a Master of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University. She also has an Associate of Applied Science in Human and Social Services from MTC.

Lillie Kirsch
Lillie Kirsch

Lillie Kirsch is the Director of Human and Social Services here at MTC. She and Frazzini have championed the Welcoming Committee which works to help all students, including those of diverse backgrounds, feel accepted.

Students work in a classroom.

Kirsch recently was awarded a $5,000 Believe in Students grant to help support through the FAST Fund (Faculty and Students Together.) With a matching gift from the Baldauf Foundation and additional donations from faculty and staff. The public can donate to this fund as well to help students receive small grants for emergency financial assistance. These small grants will ensure that an empty gas tank or a needed car repair will not prevent students from graduating.

Students smile at graduation in their caps and gowns.

Kirsch has a Master of Social Work from The Ohio State University, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Capital University and an Associate in Applied Science in Human Services from North Central Technical College.

“Lillie and Trish both care deeply for their students and are engaged in many college efforts for inclusivity and diversity,” said Jamilah Jones Tucker, Dean of Arts and Sciences.

Chad Hensel smiles
Dr. Chad Hensel

Dr. Chad Hensel is the director of MTC’s physical therapist assistant (PTA) program. He is still a practicing physical therapist with OhioHealth Marion Medical Campus. This program is extremely successful, with a passing rate on the national exam of 94%, much higher than the national average. There is a 100% employment rate for MTC PTA graduates in their field after they passed the licensing exam.

Debbie Stark smiles
Dean Debbie Stark

“Chad always seeks to improve his teaching and learning by attending conferences such as the Education Leadership Conference sponsored by APTA.  He brings new ideas and creative techniques back to the classroom where he fully engages his student in the classroom and labs,” shared Debbie Stark, Dean of Technical & Professional Programs at MTC. “He is a positive motivator for good health with both his students and his MTC colleagues!”

Students practice balancing in the PTA lab.
Students practice helping another person work on balance in the new PTA lab.

PTA is a growing field, expected to increase in demand by 27% over the next decade with an average salary in our area of $61,423.

Hensel has a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Master of Health Science from University of Indianapolis and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Bowling Green State University.

MTC Campus

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