Marion Technical College Awarded Ohio Mathematics Bridges to Success Implementation Initiative Grant

Marion Technical College Awarded Ohio Mathematics Bridges to Success Implementation Initiative Grant

Marion Technical College (MTC) has been awarded an Ohio Mathematics Bridges to Success (B2S) Implementation Initiative grant by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE).  With support from the Helmsley Trust, ODHE is providing grants and technical assistance to three Ohio public colleges and universities to scale and implement redesigned degree pathways that incorporate new mathematics gateway courses and co-requisite strategies for remediation.

Marion Technical College is receiving a grant of $150,000 to continue the momentum established in the College’s Paving Math Pathways project that began in summer 2016.  In Phase I of MTC’s paving Math Pathways Initiative: Bridges to Success initiative, math faculty worked with program faculty to begin the development of new math pathways and courses. In Phase II, MTC seeks funds to continue this work, fully develop pre-requisites, co-requisites, and college-level math courses, equip classrooms appropriately to positively impact student success, improve mathematics tutoring resources, and fully implement the updated math pathways in all programs.

“Marion Technical College is positioned to move to 100% implementation of the new math courses with co-requisite remediation across all programs and funding from this grant will help MTC

achieve this goal. These funds will enable the College to develop and launch the three new math courses with co-requisite remediation using active learning strategies in a high-tech classroom environment. Adjunct faculty will be trained in active learning pedagogy, co-requisite delivery strategies, and how to use the new technology. The vision is set and ODHE financial support will accelerate the development of the new curriculum and improve MTC students’ success in math courses,” said Dr. Vicky Wood, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

MTC is committed to make math more relevant to students, help students improve their performance in math courses, shorten math course sequences, and improve student persistence and degree attainment.

Founded in 1970, Marion Technical College (MTC) is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and authorized by the state of Ohio to offer local educational options for citizens of seven north-central Ohio counties (population 448,000) including Crawford, Delaware, Hardin, Marion, Morrow, Union and Wyandot. The mission of MTC is to provide the region’s most accessible, supportive, and personal pathway to career success.