Local Students Win $18,000 in College Scholarships

Local Students Win $18,000 in College Scholarships

(Marion) Marion Technical College and The Ohio State University at Marion recently hosted students from six local high schools in the annual high school mathematics competition. A dozen students took top honors and left the Marion Campus with a total of $18,000 in scholarships.

Students from Cardington, Harding, Highland, North Union, Pleasant, and River Valley competed. The top three teams received a trophy for their school and individual medals. The three individual highest scores at each grade level received a trophy and scholarships to both colleges. Each institute awarded the winners $1,000 for first place, $750 for second place, and $500 for third place.


Grade 9

1st Place – Benjamin Dunham, Pleasant
2nd Place – Jonah Bowdle, Pleasant
3rd Place – Kaitlynn Sutherland, Harding


Grade 10

1st Place – Madison Meadows, Harding
2nd Place – Ashley Hayward, North Union
3rd Place – Tucker Sloan, Harding

Grade 11

1st Place- Eian Zachmann, Pleasant
2nd Place – Allison Simon, Harding
3rd Place – Mindi Klaus, River Valley

The students hold their trophies.

Grade 12

1st Place – Bruce Jordan, Highland
2nd Place – Izaiah Wiley, Pleasant
3rd Place – Katelyn Grant, River Valley


The six highest scoring students of each school, regardless of grade level, were combined into school teams.

The students show their winning medals.

1st Place: River Valley

Winners: Mindi Klaus, Katelyn Grant, Arshdeep Singh, Melannie Emigh, Kajal Desai, Shon Ferriman


The students wear their medals.

2nd Place: Pleasant High School

Winners: Eian Zachmann, Izaiah Wiley, Aubrie Lambert, Benjamin Dunham, Brendan Doyle, Minoy Shah

The students hold their medals.

3rd Place: Highland

Winners: Bruce Jordan, Annabelle Zerby, Madison Cecil, Adrienne Porter, Jack Chaffee, Faith Stewart

This year’s guest speaker was Dr. Lawrence Leinweber, a software engineer for ZIN Technologies, Inc., a NASA subcontractor. His presentation was entitled, “Math to Mars.”

Trophies and awards are made possible through a generous donation from the Wm. Kay Davis Foundation and trustee Ronald D. Cramer. The committee that worked diligently to write the test, calculate the results, and prepare the awards and certificates included: Dr. Brian McEnnis of Ohio State Marion (emeritus), Dr. John Maharry  of Ohio State Marion, Tyler Maley of Marion Technical College, and Sally O’Connor of Marion Technical College.