If You Don’t Push the Button, Nothing Will Happen

If You Don’t Push the Button, Nothing Will Happen

I’m not sure if this is a law of physics, law of gravity or any law of science, but I found out very quickly a short time ago, that if you don’t push the button, nothing will happen!  The context of this revelation came one day at work when I was taking the elevator up to the second floor.

I made it up just fine, but as I was trying to come down, I got into the elevator as usual.  The doors shut but the elevator wouldn’t move.  We have had some recent issues with this contraption and a couple of people have been stuck in it until the repair people could get to the bank.  So, I stood there reading the instructions on how to contact someone to get me out of the elevator.  After a couple of minutes, it finally dawned on me that I had not pushed the button to go back to the first floor.  Once I pushed the button I felt the mechanical mechanism kick in.  Yes, it was a miracle!  Once that small round indentation was pushed, the elevator knew it had to take me down.

I have to admit, I sometimes do dumb things like that.  My mind gets on a specific train of thought and my common sense takes a nap.  But these are the times that I reflect on life lessons when the synapses in my brain make the leap to some sort of profound revelation. If you don’t push the button, nothing will happen.

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This “button” can apply to anything.  Many years ago, I planned on going to college.  I sent in an application and was accepted.  But at that point, my brain hit some kind of wall and quit functioning.  I didn’t follow up on the acceptance letter, didn’t meet with an advisor – in essence, I didn’t push that next button.  It is easy to blame some of these types of things on someone or something else, but the bottom line is I was the one who didn’t take the next step.

This situation does have a happy ending even if it took 38 years to look for another button to push.  I am excited that I finally made it to college and graduated this May with my degree.

The ASAP graduating class of 2017. Sylvia See, blogger, is on the very far left.

Editor’s note: Sylvia See will be missed as a blogger! Check out some of her other blogs, including her first day jitters and how she balanced work, college and family needshere. MTC is proud to have helped Sylvia and thousands of other graduates get to the next steps in their paths!