Transfer to MTC

If you are planning to transfer to MTC, you should meet with the Office of Admission as soon as possible.  During the admission process, we will evaluate any credits you already have that may transfer to a program at MTC.  Schedule an admission appointment today.  If you are a graduate of MTC and are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university, please visit our Transferring to Universities and Colleges webpage for additional information. 

You should also request an official copy of your transcripts from each institution you have attended and have them sent to our admission office. Request your transcript(s) today.

About Transfer Credit

  • Students may submit credits earned at other approved institutions, professional programs, and the military toward a degree at MTC. Transfer credits are approved by the department dean or director unless otherwise governed by Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Course Policy or by an existing articulation agreement.
  • Generally, courses must have been completed with a “C” (or a satisfactory on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory evaluation scale) to get transfer credit. A course completed with a “D” will transfer only in select circumstances.
  • To receive your degree, at least 17 credit hours for any program must be earned at MTC, of which 12 must be in technical courses.

Process for Transfer Credit Decision Made at MTC:

  1. The student applies for admission and requests previous college(s) to send a certified original transcript of coursework to MTC’s Admissions office. Hand-carried copies of transcripts cannot be used for official evaluations.
  2. MTC evaluates transcript(s).
  3. MTC decides on the equivalency and applicability of credit and sends the evaluation outcome to the student along with a notification of the 90-day period for filing an appeal.
  4. If the student accepts the evaluation, the process is complete.
  5. If the student does not understand or accept the evaluation, he/she may meet with the transcript evaluator to informally inquire about why a course(s) did not transfer.
  6. If the student does not accept the results of the informal inquiry, he/she may initiate the formal multi-level internal appeal process by appealing the evaluation outcome by writing an appeal to the dean or director of the academic division or program, specifying the course(s) for which transfer credit was denied and the reason(s) why credit should transfer,
  7. If the issue is still not resolved, the student may appeal to the Faculty Curriculum Committee.
  8. Following the previous step, if the issue is not resolved, the student may appeal to the Vice President of Academic and Student Services.
  9. If the student remains dissatisfied with transfer credit evaluation after appealing at all levels within the college, the Vice President shall advise the student in writing of any state-level appeals process designated by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Transfer Team:

  • Tyler Maley
  • Laura Emerick
  • Mandy Knight
  • Jay Schlater
  • Carey Wolf
  • Lori Barr