CLEP and Credit by Exam

CLEP (College Level Examination Program):

Marion Technical College accepts and offers credit by proficiency examination through the nationally recognized credit-by-exam, called CLEP. For more detailed information click here.

You can take your CLEP examination right here at MTC!  The testing center is Bryson Hall Building. In the Workforce Solutions Office.  If you are interested in scheduling a CLEP test here at MTC, please contact Tami Galloway at 740-386-4138, or by email at

For other CLEP testing centers, costs, learning outcomes, practice questions, and scheduling information, students can go to the following website and click on the CLEP column for more details.

Please Note: CLEP scores may transfer to other state and private colleges and universities.   Before attempting to gain credit through CLEP exams, please refer to the receiving institution about their acceptance policy of CLEP-earned credit.

Credit by Proficiency Examination

In some departments you may be permitted to progress to more advanced work in a particular program if you can demonstrate college-level competency.

If you have qualifications from a previous education or job training you may be able to earn credit in certain courses by successfully passing an exam that will test your knowledge related to the learning outcomes of that course.

Marion Technical College (MTC) recognizes and offers two types of credit by proficiency examinations:  a college administered Proficiency-for-Credit Exam (credit-by-exam)  and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). The following is a list of courses (by academic department) that MTC offers as credit-by-exam.  These exams are generated and proctored by MTC faculty.

There is a limit of MTC credit hours that may be earned through exam, life experience, or any combination thereof.  A credit-by-exam may be attempted only one time per course.

A $15 per credit hour, nonrefundable fee must be paid to the Business Office before a credit-by-exam is taken.

Arts and Sciences Department Courses:

Scheduling the Credit by Exam:
Students must complete the credit-by-exam form and pay the fee (either $45, for a 3 credit hour course, or $60 for a 4 credit hour course) for the exam at the Business Office prior to taking the exam.  The student must contact Cassidy Goodman to schedule an appointment to take the credit by exam.  Cassidy Goodman can be reached in person in Office Bryson Hall 161B in the Bryson Hall Building, or by email at, or telephone at 740-386-4132.  The student must bring his or her receipt to the scheduled testing appointment.

ENG1000 English Composition I
ENG1100 English Composition II
ENG1200 Business Communications
ENG1400 Oral Communications
HUM1200 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
SCI1050 Principles of Biology and Chemistry
SCI1200 Anatomy and Physiology I
SCI1250 Anatomy and Physiology II
SCI1300 Microbiology

Business/IT Department Courses:

For information about scheduling a credit-by-exam related to a course within the Business and IT Department (listed below) contact by email at


ACC1400 Financial Accounting I
BUS1010 Business English Skills
BUS2150 Legal Environment of Business
OIS1200 Computer Basics
OIS1240 Computer Applications
OIS1260 PowerPoint
OIS1340 Excel Advanced

Engineering Department Courses:

Most regular Engineering Technologies courses, are eligible for credit-by-exam. Please contact Matthew Farson, at 740-386-4134, Office Bryson Hall 161E

Health Department courses:

For information about scheduling a credit-by-exam related to a course within the Allied Health Department, listed below, contact Darlene Lewis at 740-386-4180, in the Health Technology Center.
ALH1110 Medical Terminology

Health Information Technology Program:

There are two coding credit-by-exam courses within the HIT program.  Please see the program director, Christina Manley, at 740-386-4105, Office HTC135, for more information.
HIT 1300
Basic ICD-10-CM/CPT
HIT 1350

Medical Assisting Program

Credit-by-exam is granted on an individual basis and would be more likely to be life experience credit.  The student must show that they can meet the cognitive (final exam), psychomotor (specific competencies), and affective (behavior) based upon our accrediting body, AAMA’s, standards.  Please see the program director, Peggy Smith, at 740-386-4178, Office HTC133, for more information.

Medical Imaging Programs

There are no credit-by-exam courses within the medical imaging programs.  Please see the program director, Debra Myers, at 740-386-4636, Office HTC126, for more information.

Medical Laboratory Program

ALH 1110 Medical Terminology

Nursing Program

NUR 1000 Nurse Aide
See these links below for more information

NUR 1000 Eligibility Handout

Nurse Assistant Training Handout

Physical Therapist Assisting Program

There are no credit-by-exam courses within the PTA program.  Please see the program director, Chad Hensel, at 740-386-4156, Office Bryson Hall 169K, for more information.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

There are no credit-by-exam courses within the OTA program.  Please see the program director, Josh Line, at 740-386-4026, Office Bryson Hall 169G, for more information.

Human and Social Services Program:   

There are no credit-by-exam courses within the HSS program.  Please contact the program director Sam Wolfe, at 740-386-4117, Office Bryson Hall 163A, for more information.

Please note:  Credit-by-exams are not guaranteed to be transferable to other state or private colleges or universities.  Please refer to the receiving institution for specific rules of accepting credit earned through credit-by-exam.