If you are an Ohio student in grades 7-12 you can apply for College Credit Plus admission. The college will admit you based on your college-readiness in one or more subject areas. Your school counselor can help you understand your options, deadlines, and how to proceed. You may not participate in the College Credit Plus program beyond your anticipated high school graduation date.

Start by talking with your school counselor about what steps need to be taken at your school, and attend your school’s CCP Night.

Step 1: Complete the Letter of Intent to Participate in College Credit Plus. This needs to be done each year, and is to be submitted to your school counselor by April 1. Here is a link to the form provided by the state of Ohio.

Step 2: Apply for admission to Marion Technical College.  The online CCP application can be found here.

Students can Drop a course by the Census Date and it will appear as if they never attended, there will be no transcript entry, and no charges will be accrued.  Students can Withdraw from a course later in the term.  The last day to withdraw from a class is typically around the tenth week of a sixteen week term, check the MTC calendar for specific dates each term.  If a student Withdraws from a course, a W will be listed for that course on their transcript, it will not impact their GPA, but CCP students may be required to repay their school district.

A link to MTC’s calendar can be found here.

A prerequisite is a course, or condition that must be met before you can register for a subsequent course. Students must meet course prerequisites before moving on to higher level courses. They may also need to pass a placement test as part of a prerequisite for a course. Check with your advisor if you have questions about prerequisites.*Please note– prerequisites may include additional tests, above and beyond the admission requirements for the College Credit Plus program.

If you are interested in taking classes offered at your high school, contact your school counselor. If you are interested in taking classes offered at MTC including online classes, contact the Center for Student Success and Engagement at 740-386-4636 Ext. 4000 or email advising@mtc.edu to schedule an advising appointment.

CCP students may need to show their midterm grade(s).  Here are two options:

  1. Email your professor and request your current grade. (Some high schools have forms that can be scanned and emailed.) Forward the response to your school counselor.
  2. Login to your Canvas account and print or screenshot your current grades to submit to your school counselor.

CCP students must schedule their classes with an advisor. During your last advising appointment, alert your advisor that you will be graduating. Your advisor will go over the transition steps for CCP students.  If it’s been some time since you have taken your college classes, or you want to prepare for an advising appointment after you’ve graduated, you will need to reapply to the college as a general student.  The general application can be found here.

Classes taught at the high schools by MTC or high school faculty follow the MTC calendar.  As a faculty member, please follow the due dates sent by your course coordinator.

We currently offer courses at the following high schools:

Bucyrus, Cardington-Lincoln, Delaware Hayes, Elgin, Marion Harding, Highland, Mt. Gilead, Northmor, North Union, Pleasant, Ridgedale, Riverdale, River Valley, Tri Rivers, Upper Sandusky, Wynford

Classes vary upon school district. Check with your high school counselor to view course options offered at your high school.

For information regarding MTC programs, please follow this link: https://www.mtc.edu/course/


Students interested in participating in the College Credit Plus program must demonstrate college-readiness by placing at or above Ohio’s Remediation Free Standards in at least one subject area.  Information on allowable tests and scores can be found here.

A Letter of Intent is due to the school district by April 1 of each year.

The application deadline for Marion Technical College CCP students is May 1 for each upcoming academic year.  Any applications received after that date will be processed in the order they are received.

*Students interested in taking classes summer term should turn in application material as early as possible. Summer registration begins in October of the prior academic year.

Students taking classes at MTC, including online courses, should follow the general student registration process. Call 740-386-4636 EXT. 4000 about registration windows and to schedule an advising appointment.

Please visit MTC’s calendar for registration date information.

Students interested in taking classes at a High School site should contact their school counselor. The high school counselor provides roster information to MTC for student registration.

Please click here for access to email and additional important information for MTC students.

If you are having trouble accessing your email account, and have not provided your Social Security Number on your application, please contact MTC at 740-389-4636 and ask for the Office of the Registrar.

Meeting with an advisor is an important part of a successful college plan. Be sure to schedule an advising appointment to plan your specific pathway by calling 740-386-4636 EXT. 4000. If you’d like to get a head start on course planning, see the information below.

College Credit Plus students must follow the Course Eligibility Rule, which can be found here.

For tax related questions, please visit the IRS website.

For other College Credit Plus FAQs, including information about how courses taken through CCP will transfer, please visit the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s CCP page. Their FAQ page is updated regularly and addresses common questions from CCP students.  You can visit their site by clicking the link here.