College Credit Plus Admission Steps

CCP Admission Steps

  1. You must be formally enrolled in school (grades 7-12), including a public high school, private high school or home school.  This includes students attending remote or “E” schools.
  2. Attend College Credit Plus (CCP) Information Session at your school or on campus and inform your school you plan to participate in CCP by the State mandated deadline. You may select to attend under option A (college credit only/self-pay) or Option B (dual credit and at State expense).  Discuss these options with your school counselor.
  3. Apply for admission to complete this application.
  4. Submit your most recent official grade transcript to the Office of Admission.
  5. Submit standardized test scores.  These scores are used to indicate college readiness.  The most common options include the Accuplacer, ACT, and COMPASS.  Test scores provided on the school transcript are acceptable or your official score report.
  6. If you score college-ready, you are likely eligible for CCP Admission at MTC. Additional test scores or courses may be required to meet prerequisites for some college courses.
  7. The above steps should be completed by the following CCP application deadlines:
    • May 1, for the Fall Semester
    • November 1, for Spring Semester
    • April 1 for Summer Semester