We all need a helping hand from time to time.  The tutoring program at Marion Technical College is just one way we lend that hand to current students. Free one-to-one, open table, or online tutoring is available for most general education classes and for many degree-specific courses, as well. Tutoring is not a substitute for lectures or independent studying, and students must regularly attend the class for which they are seeking assistance. If you are not regularly attending class, tutoring will be suspended.

One-to-One Tutoring

Don’t wait until you are behind in your coursework or failing a class before you ask for help! If you are consistently having difficulties with a class, complete a tutor request form online, pick one up in the Student Resource Center (SRC), or take one from the kiosk in the hallway beside the Office of Student Records and drop it off at the SRC. You will be matched with a specific tutor who can help you throughout the term. Once you are matched, you and your tutor will decide when to meet. All one-to-one tutoring will occur in the Academic Success Center (ASC) unless pre-approved by the Director of Student Support Programs.

MTC students may receive up to 3 hours of one-to-one tutoring per week per course being tutored.

Open Table Tutoring

Sometimes you are doing fine in a course, but still have a few questions with which you could use some help or clarification. Open table sessions are designed for these circumstances. During these sessions, a tutor for a specific course will be available to work with any MTC student who walks in. You don’t need to pre-schedule or apply to participate, but the specific courses, dates, and locations vary from term to term so be sure to check the posted schedule in the ASC.

MTC students may attend as many open table tutoring sessions as they want.

Online Tutoring (a.k.a, eTutoring)

Since 2012, Marion Technical College has been a proud partner in the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative, the nation’s largest online tutoring collaborative. Current MTC students have free online tutoring available seven days a week in writing, math, and science topics. Access is easy: click here and sign in using your MTC ID.” You may also go to www.mtc.edu, click on MyMTC, then click on the words “Online Tutoring” under the picture, and sign in using your MTC ID. Enjoy the convenience of various tutoring times, including late evening hours and all-weekend availability. Take advantage of live chat sessions while your computer screen becomes a whiteboard for your use. Receive printed feedback on how to improve papers you have written before you submit them for a grade—and not just papers you have written for English class! Papers for any class may be submitted for review.

MTC students may use our online services as often as they want.

Become a Tutor

We are always looking for current MTC students who are interested in tutoring other students. Tutors must have earned an A or B in the classes they want to tutor, and a faculty recommendation is preferred.

Student Tutors are students first, so we work around your classes each term. Tutors receive an hourly wage, but we cannot guarantee a steady number of hours throughout the year. The number of hours a tutor will work varies depending on the needs and attendance of our students.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor at MTC, you will need to schedule an appointment with the Director of Student Support Services. Contact Kathy Rice at ricek@mtc.edu or 740-386-4191. Her office is in the Academic Success Center (ASC) in Bryson Hall, room 197.