Registration Process

Each term it is necessary for a student to select the specific courses for which he/she wants to register, complete the necessary forms, and pay the appropriate fees. A student is not officially registered until fees have been paid. A student may elect to register during any registration period that applies to them.  Details relative to each of these options are described in the Class Schedule published each academic term and available upon request from the Office of the Registrar.

Each student must follow the admission and advising procedures before registering for classes. All first and second-term students and those who have completed 50-60 credit hours must complete an advising appointment before registering.

  • In June of 2014, Governor Kasich signed House Bill 488, which includes providing priority registration for veterans and service members. At MTC, priority registration means veterans and service members can register beginning at 9 am on Tuesday before open registration begins. Once open registration begins, veterans and service members will compete with all other students for class spaces.