All MTC students have an academic advisor who provides career and academic guidance. Your advisor can help you create an academic plan, register for classes, and keep you on track to graduate.  Advisors can also answer questions about your area of study and future career, help you transition to college, explain MTC’s policies and procedures, connect you with other services at MTC and in the community, as well as help with study skills, strategies, and time management issues.

First-Year Advisors

First-Year Advisors are full-time, professional academic advisors.  Most new students will be assigned to a First-Year Advisor for their first 1-2 semesters, but possibly longer depending on circumstances. Click on the advisors name to send them an email.

Laura Emerick – Business, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Human and Social Services, Information Technology

Kendra Karchella – Nursing, Health Information Technology, Medical Assisting, Medical Lab Science, Surgical Technology

Mandy Knight – Arts & Sciences (includes CCP students taking classes on campus), Occupational Therapy Assisting, Physical Therapy Assisting, Radiography, Sonography

The First-Year Advising staff is located in the Student Resource Center (SRC), Bryson Hall 183.  Appointments are strongly recommended – call 740-389-4636 to schedule an appointment.  Advisors are available in the SRC the following hours:

  • Monday 8am-5pm
  • Tuesday 8am-7pm
  • Wednesday 8am-7pm
  • Thursday 8am-5pm
  • Friday 8am-4pm

Faculty Advisors

Students who have been admitted to a limited enrollment program (i.e. all health programs, Human and Social Services, and Marion Law Enforcement Academy) will be assigned to a Faculty Advisor in their program of study.

Students in non-limited enrollment programs (Business, IT, Engineering, Criminal Justice, and Arts & Sciences/transfer pathway) will be assigned to a Faculty Advisor once they have completed 9 credits of college-level coursework (1000-level or above) and have a confirmed plan of study, as long as they are in good academic standing (2.0 cumulative GPA or higher)

Drop-in Advising Hours

The advisors in the Student Resource Center are available from 10am-3pm Monday through Thursday for drop-in advising.  Drop-in advising is intended for students who have quick questions or concerns that take less than 10 minutes to discuss.  Drop-in advising is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and students will meet with the advisor on duty, not necessarily their assigned advisor.  The SRC reserves the right to stop check-in for drop-ins early based on the number of students waiting.  On rare occasions, drop-in hours may be reduced or cancelled for the day due to staff availability.  Click here to view the current drop-in schedule.

You can see an advisor during drop-in hours for the following:

  • Schedule adjustments (add/drop/change sections only)
  • Current students with a completed academic plan who need to register for an upcoming term (highly recommended you meet with your assigned advisor during their designated drop-in hours)
  • Consultations/information on academic policies or procedures
  • Forms that need to be signed (i.e. course withdraw, academic renewal, major change/add an additional major, etc.)
  • Advice/referrals on academic or personal concerns that are time-sensitive
  • Any other quick questions

The following will require an appointment:

  • New student enrollment/registration (initial appt – once registered, can utilize drop-ins)
  • Returning student (students who have not attended in the past three semesters) registration (initial appt – once registered, can utilize drop-ins)
  • Major/career exploration
  • Academic planning/degree mapping
  • Warning and probation success plans/probation check-in meeting
  • Reviewing application materials/checklists for admission to health programs
  • Any other topics you wish to discuss that will take more than 10 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s My Advisor?

Not sure who your advisor is?  Log into My Plan!  You can view your advisor’s contact information or send them a message.  If no advisor is listed, or you feel your advisor is incorrect due to a change of major, please contact the Director of Advising at emerickl@mtc.edu

When Do I Need to Meet With My Advisor?

You may meet with your advisor as often as you want, but you are required to meet with your advisor:

  • To register for your first semester classes (new students and returning students who have not attended in any of the last three semesters)
  • To register for classes if you have less than 9 credits completed/earned
  • If you are placed on academic warning or probation because of your GPA
  • During the term before you graduate (approximately 45 credits) to petition to graduate and review your academic degree audit

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you are assigned to a First-Year Advisor, please call the Student Resource Center at 740-389-4636 or stop by Bryson Hall 183.  Online appointment scheduling is coming soon!

If you are assigned to a Faculty Advisor, please email your advisor directly or contact the department administrative assistant.

  • Arts & Sciences – Cassidy Goodman, 740-386-4132
  • Business, IT, Criminal Justice – Vicki Weaver, 740-386-4115
  • Engineering – Terri Martin, 740-386-4014
  • Nursing, Surg Tech, MLT/Phlebotomy, MA, HIT – Darlene Lewis, 740-386-4180
  • OTA, PTA, Radiography, Sonography – Jessie McCaulley, 740-386-4185

Where is my advisor located?

First-Year Advisors are located in the Student Resource Center.  Faculty Advisors have offices throughout Bryson Hall and the Health Technologies Center.  Please visit the staff directory to find your advisor’s office number and contact information.