Every MTC student has an advisor who provides career and academic advice. Your advisor can help you create an academic plan, register for classes, and keep you on track to graduate.

Advisors can also answer questions about your area of study and future career, explain MTC’s policy and procedures, connect you with other services at MTC and in the community, as well as help with study skills, strategies, and time management issues.

During the admissions process, you will be assigned either a Faculty Advisor or a First Year Advisor. We will send a letter confirming the name of your advisor and his or her contact information.

If you are an MTC student and do not know who your academic advisor is, please contact your instructional department’s dean or secretary.

You may meet with your advisor as often as you want, but you are required to meet with your advisor:

  • To schedule your first term classes
  • Sometime during your second term
  • During the term that you earn 40-45 course credits
  • During the term before you graduate
  • If you are placed on academic warning or probation because of your GPA