Nurse Aide Training (STNA) [External Certification]


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Get your start in the health care field while learning valuable skills to get experience and perhaps continue to pursue RN or another health care program. This 4-semester hour program prepares you for jobs as a STNA where you’ll provide individual health care in patients’ homes, hospitals, nursing and residential cares facilities, group homes, and other locations. Your responsibilities may include providing basic care, checking vital signs, and more.

Your External Certification

Receive a certificate of completion from the Ohio Department of Health after passing the nurse aide training course (NUR1000). This allows you to take the state exam for nurse aides and, if you pass, you’ll earn the state-tested nurse aide designation title and be included in the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry. In addition to new job opportunities, the STNA certificate sets you on the pathway to a career or an associate’s degree in medical assisting, multi-competency health, or nursing.

What You’ll Learn

Our instructors will teach you how to communicate effectively with patients, families, and medical staff so you can be an integral part of the healthcare team. Learn basic nursing care skills, personal care skills, and the needs and rights of patients.


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