Electrical Engineering Technology – Alternative Energy Option


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Students enrolled in this option of the EET degree will gain valuable experience in understanding the growing industry of alternative energy systems. Early classes will expose the student to the various methods of alternative energy power generation, delivery, and uses. Later classes focus primarily on solar energy, including not only the technical aspect of the solar energy systems, but also the business side of the industry. Students will engage in real-world projects that involve site assessment, creating proposals, and designing systems.

Your Degree

Two-year full-time degree schedule; mixture of core engineering, mathematics, CAD, and communications courses; program can be completed on a part-time basis.

After completing our electrical engineering – alternative energy option program, you’ll receive an Associate of Applied Science degree.

You’ll Learn How To

This program combines science and technology with practical thinking and problem solving. Our instructors will teach you how utilize equipment and software specific to the alternative energy industry to perform various tasks related to site assessment, proposal generation, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Follow NEC guidelines as they pertain to solar installations.  Research advances in alternative energy applications, materials, and components. Configure and size electrical cable for various solar system configurations and much more.

To receive more detailed information please send an e-mail to the Office of Admission at enroll@mtc.edu.


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