776 Students on Dean’s List

776 Students on Dean’s List

(Marion) Marion Technical College (MTC) announces that 776 students earned the Dean’s List for Spring Semester. These outstanding scholars earned at least 3.5 out of a possible 4.0 academic average.

“In the middle of a pandemic, these students achieved high marks. I am confident they are on their way to bright futures,” said Dr. Ryan McCall, president of MTC. “I am proud of their success.”

The full-time students include 332 students from Marion County. In addition, there are 37 students from Crawford County, 58 from Delaware County, 14 from Franklin County, 92 students from Morrow County, nine from Richland County, 44 from Union County and 89 from Wyandot County.

Gregory Diller Elida Allen
Alexandria Orndoff Lima Allen
Zachary Agee Bucyrus Crawford
Erika Alspach Bucyrus Crawford
Rylee Alspach Bucyrus Crawford
Taylor Appleby Bucyrus Crawford
Karmyn Blizzard Bucyrus Crawford
Frank Bloomfield Oceola Crawford
Todd Chandler Bucyrus Crawford
Barbara Cull Galion Crawford
Hailey Dean Galion Crawford
Hunter Fackler Bucyrus Crawford
Austin Fulton Bucyrus Crawford
Lainey Holman Sycamore Crawford
Kenneth Hughes Bucyrus Crawford
Jodie Jennings Bucyrus Crawford
Zoe Kinney Galion Crawford
Daniel Kurek Bucyrus Crawford
Elizabeth Kyrk Crestline Crawford
Madysen Lawson Galion Crawford
Matthew McBride Bucyrus Crawford
Connor Miller Bucyrus Crawford
Macy Miracle Galion Crawford
Briley Pollock Sycamore Crawford
Wyatt Reeder Galion Crawford
Donna Richardson Bucyrus Crawford
Thomas Rindfuss Bucyrus Crawford
Kimberly Rives Bucyrus Crawford
Jordan Robinette Bucyrus Crawford
David Sabo Bucyrus Crawford
Matthew Schiefer Bucyrus Crawford
Alexis Schifer Bucyrus Crawford
Kael Scott Bucyrus Crawford
Natalie Stover Bucyrus Crawford
Lori Tackett Galion Crawford
Alexander Tuttle Galion Crawford
Jenna Wade Galion Crawford
Lyndie Williams Bucyrus Crawford
Tiffany Wood Galion Crawford
John Cross Shaker Heights Cuyahoga
Basma Abdulghafoor Delaware Delaware
Ausia Anderson Ostrander Delaware
Matthew Barber Radnor Delaware
Delayne Boyce Ashley Delaware
Angelina Brinckerhoff Ostrander Delaware
Hadlee Bruns Delaware Delaware
Nicole Burden Delaware Delaware
Shania Butcher Delaware Delaware
Ashley Carter Delaware Delaware
Chris Condron Delaware Delaware
Amanda Crowley Delaware Delaware
Madison Decker Delaware Delaware
Chloe Diehl Delaware Delaware
Connor Eblin Ashley Delaware
Evelyn Fowler Delaware Delaware
Rebecca Geyer Lewis Center Delaware
Rodney Geyer Lewis Center Delaware
Isaac Hager Delaware Delaware
Emily Hecker Delaware Delaware
Aubrianna Herning Delaware Delaware
Mark Hott Delaware Delaware
Bethany Hurt Delaware Delaware
Charsey James Delaware Delaware
Abigail Jennings Delaware Delaware
Sydney Johns Delaware Delaware
Angela Johnson Galena Delaware
Jenna Justice Delaware Delaware
Sydney Kincaid-Hunt Delaware Delaware
Emily King Delaware Delaware
Emma Laprise Lewis Center Delaware
Sydney Lemaster Delaware Delaware
Alexander McFarland Delaware Delaware
Adrianah Melvin Delaware Delaware
Courtney Mengerink Delaware Delaware
Danielle Messner Delaware Delaware
Emma Mickley Delaware Delaware
Isabella Miller Delaware Delaware
Kyla Mowry Delaware Delaware
Kristen Noll Delaware Delaware
Sara Pedersen Delaware Delaware
Eric Puthoff Delaware Delaware
Karli Reed Delaware Delaware
Monica Rizzo Delaware Delaware
Emily Ruen Delaware Delaware
Cole Sparks Delaware Delaware
Mara Swift Delaware Delaware
Austin Tackett Delaware Delaware
Monica Taglione Delaware Delaware
Kaylee Temple Delaware Delaware
Kayla Thompson Delaware Delaware
Aleisa Tobin Delaware Delaware
Brenda Tumeo Sunbury Delaware
Riana VanWynsberghe Sunbury Delaware
Anna Wend Delaware Delaware
Miachele White Marengo Delaware
Lisa Whitmire Ashley Delaware
Sydney Wolf Delaware Delaware
Gabrielle Ziegler Delaware Delaware
Carle Kubitz Castalia Erie
Parrish Cochran II Darbydale Franklin
Sharon Johnson Westerville Franklin
Alexis Lisk Columbus Franklin
Dora Mase Columbus Franklin
Megan McGlothlin Columbus Franklin
Tonia Messmer Canal Winchester Franklin
Eliwad Mohamed Columbus Franklin
Cory Overmier Hilliard Franklin
Audrey Rickly Columbus Franklin
Jared Robinson Columbus Franklin
Cody Swisher Columbus Franklin
Laura Wagner Columbus Franklin
Alexis Walega Upper Arlington Franklin
Moses Welday Hilliard Franklin
Alexis Buchanan Forest Hancock
Kaden Dillon Findlay Hancock
Jennifer Honigfort Mc Comb Hancock
Elizabeth Keefe Fostoria Hancock
Ora Oler Findlay Hancock
Ashlyn Pryer Findlay Hancock
Joseph Ranker Findlay Hancock
Paige Rothlisberger Arlington Hancock
Emily Walter Mount Blanchard Hancock
Brody Williams Mt Blanchard Hancock
Victoria Bailey Mount Victory Hardin
Wesley Baker Kenton Hardin
Makena Barnes Forest Hardin
Emily Barnette Kenton Hardin
Elizabeth Burd Forest Hardin
Harley Crisp Kenton Hardin
Jonah Donathan Kenton Hardin
Rachel Donathan Kenton Hardin
Peyton Flint Kenton Hardin
Natalie Frankel-Schoenberger Forest Hardin
Taylor Gillfillan Forest Hardin
Caleb Hicks Forest Hardin
Marissa Kindell Kenton Hardin
Cassidy Knapp Kenton Hardin
Danielle Lambrite Forest Hardin
Nadia Martino Mount Victory Hardin
Brandi McCormick Forest Hardin
Shaylee McGrath Mount Victory Hardin
Cole McKinley Kenton Hardin
Jack Orians Forest Hardin
Jason Price Ada Hardin
Isabella Renteria Forest Hardin
Katrina Rostorfer Kenton Hardin
Courtney Stober Kenton Hardin
Travis Vandeweert Forest Hardin
Jenna Whitaker Kenton Hardin
Audrey Merry Lynchburg Highland
Kennedy Altizer Centerburg Knox
Sarah Cantrell Centerburg Knox
Peyton Carpenter Mount Vernon Knox
Madison Cecil Centerburg Knox
Whitney Church Fredericktown Knox
Zachary DeBord Mount Vernon Knox
Zachary Granger Fredericktown Knox
Garison Hankins Centerburg Knox
Zane Harris Centerburg Knox
Riley Kemmer Centerburg Knox
Chaylena Nuber Fredericktown Knox
Paige Oswalt Fredericktown Knox
Brandon Pauley Mount Vernon Knox
Adrienne Porter Centerburg Knox
Kira Prince Fredericktown Knox
Lee Roberts Fredericktown Knox
Nicholas Roberts Fredericktown Knox
Grace Romans Fredericktown Knox
Correl Rutan Centerburg Knox
Hayden Staiger Mount Vernon Knox
Justin Tuggle Centerburg Knox
Kyle Wagoner Fredericktown Knox
Seth Ward Centerburg Knox
Savanna Whisman Fredericktown Knox
Styler Buyer West Mansfield Logan
Cameryn Filer Bellefontaine Logan
Brandon Hamby West Mansfield Logan
Shane James Belle Center Logan
Reggie Regula West Mansfield Logan
Alexander Varney Elyria Lorain
Emily Smith Toledo Lucas
Grace Blumenschein Plain City Madison
Leanne Stirling Plain City Madison
Mackenzie Acker Prospect Marion
Oronde Allen Marion Marion
Kyle Altstadt Marion Marion
Vincenza Alves Marion Marion
Timothy Anders Marion Marion
Shelby Andrews Marion Marion
Adrian Armstead Marion Marion
Joshua Arthur Marion Marion
Amy Ash Marion Marion
Kora Augenstein Marion Marion
Jennifer Ausmus Marion Marion
Evan Backensto Marion Marion
Madison Bailey Marion Marion
Danielle Ball Marion Marion
Brandon Ballinger Marion Marion
Makenzie Bates Caledonia Marion
Andrew Beach Marion Marion
Chad Beach Marion Marion
Addillay Beeney Marion Marion
Kaylee Belcher Marion Marion
Kaitlyn Bender Marion Marion
Lindsay Bender Marion Marion
Joseph Benson Marion Marion
Sydney Blair Marion Marion
Carson Bollinger Marion Marion
Hunter Bosh Marion Marion
Samuel Bowlin Marion Marion
Chester Brewer Marion Marion
Rachel Bridson Marion Marion
Thomas Bromley Marion Marion
Jennifer Brough Marion Marion
Alyssa Brown Marion Marion
Justin Brown Marion Marion
Riley Brown Marion Marion
Kassady Buchtel Marion Marion
Danny Bump Marion Marion
McKynna Byrne Marion Marion
Kandice Canady Marion Marion
Evan Carwile Marion Marion
Ethan Castle Marion Marion
Logan Cauthen Marion Marion
Anna Celestino Marion Marion
William Cellar Marion Marion
Cale Chase Marion Marion
Kelly Clark Marion Marion
Ryan Clark Marion Marion
Scott Clark Marion Marion
George Clausing Marion Marion
Deven Cline Waldo Marion
Grace Cobb Marion Marion
Kennedy Colby Marion Marion
Shaina Colby Marion Marion
Aubrey Conklin Marion Marion
Jacob Conley Prospect Marion
Meghan Conley Marion Marion
Larry Cook Marion Marion
Kyle Cordle Marion Marion
Madison Cox Marion Marion
Bradley Craig Marion Marion
Timothy Crawford Marion Marion
Peyton Creasap Marion Marion
Emily Crissinger Marion Marion
Jamahl Cunningham Marion Marion
Jack Curtis Marion Marion
Danielle Cutarelli Marion Marion
Hadyn Danals Marion Marion
Courtney Danner Marion Marion
Steven D’Augustino Marion Marion
Harli Davenport New Bloomington Marion
Cailyn Davis Marion Marion
Jessica Day Marion Marion
Stevi Decker Marion Marion
Brooke Deemer Marion Marion
Noah Dines Marion Marion
Danica Dodson Marion Marion
C Driscoll Marion Marion
Jimmy Dye Marion Marion
Kristine Eastridge Marion Marion
Kinsey Eiseman Marion Marion
Joseph Ellis Marion Marion
Sabrina Elson Marion Marion
Shon Elswick Marion Marion
James Emery Marion Marion
Caitlyn Emptage Marion Marion
Ethan Enders Marion Marion
Taylor Endicott Marion Marion
Oliver Espino Marion Marion
Lucas Ferrell Prospect Marion
Kenneth Flores Marion Marion
Christopher Forncrook Marion Marion
Heather Fout Prospect Marion
Byron Fown Marion Marion
Caitlynn Fox Prospect Marion
Leah Fox Marion Marion
Isiah Fulford Marion Marion
Lance Gallant Marion Marion
Deandre Gaston Marion Marion
Dani Gleespen Marion Marion
Marvin Glover Marion Marion
Jennifer Gonzalez-Segura Marion Marion
Clayton Gopp Marion Marion
Carson Greashaber Marion Marion
Olivia Green Morral Marion
Farrah Gregg Marion Marion
Ellie Grills Waldo Marion
David Gross Prospect Marion
Jordan Gruber Marion Marion
Allyson Gwinner Marion Marion
Tyler Haile Marion Marion
Logan Hale Morral Marion
Kylar Hall Marion Marion
Joseph Hamon Marion Marion
Leyton Hamper Marion Marion
Rachael Harbaugh Marion Marion
Michael Hardon Marion Marion
Taylor Hecker Marion Marion
Marcus Henderson Marion Marion
Joshua Hendrix Green Camp Marion
Jacob Hetrick Marion Marion
Ashley Hickman Marion Marion
Blake Higgins Marion Marion
Kylie Hipp Galion Marion
Justin Hix Prospect Marion
Alissa Holler Marion Marion
Nathanael Hollon Marion Marion
Sara Hope Prospect Marion
Charles Hornung Marion Marion
Dustin Howard Marion Marion
Trenton Howell Marion Marion
Kaylee Huffman Marion Marion
Anna Hundley Marion Marion
Luke Hundley Marion Marion
Miranda Hundley Marion Marion
Christina Irvine Marion Marion
Taylor Isler Prospect Marion
Jordynn Ison Marion Marion
Branden Jaggers Marion Marion
Kora James Marion Marion
Lawrence James Marion Marion
Sydney James Marion Marion
Jerrod Jenner Marion Marion
Ethan Johnson Marion Marion
Robert Johnson Marion Marion
Taylor Jones Green Camp Marion
Trimika Jones Marion Marion
Aundrea Jordan Marion Marion
Kyle Kaiser Marion Marion
Thomas Ketcham Marion Marion
Danielle King Marion Marion
Jayleen King Marion Marion
Kyle King Marion Marion
Brianna Klatt Caledonia Marion
Natalie Klenzman Marion Marion
Vincetta Knight Marion Marion
Susan Konvalinka Marion Marion
Alyson Kramer Marion Marion
Lori Kraviec Marion Marion
Thomas Kubat Marion Marion
Kylie Kumalaa Marion Marion
Jacob Lambert Marion Marion
Robert Lambert Marion Marion
James Lane Marion Marion
Charles LaPene Marion Marion
Kristen Layne Marion Marion
Brianna Lee Marion Marion
Jacob Lee La Rue Marion
Allison Lehner Marion Marion
Ashley Lehner Prospect Marion
Olivia Lehner Marion Marion
Kaitlin Lenke Marion Marion
Mitchell LeRoy Marion Marion
Jarvis Lewis Marion Marion
Caleb Lichtenberger Marion Marion
Emma Lichtenberger Marion Marion
Jamie Long Marion Marion
Matthew Long Marion Marion
Natalie Longmeier Waldo Marion
Madi Lott Caledonia Marion
Andrew Lovell Marion Marion
Phillip Lovins Marion Marion
Carrie Lowe Marion Marion
Julian Magallanes Marion Marion
Angel Manley Marion Marion
Calvin Markley Marion Marion
Matthew Martin Marion Marion
Draven Matthews Marion Marion
Avery Mattix Marion Marion
Halleanne McBride Marion Marion
Mario McCray Marion Marion
Olivia McCullough Marion Marion
Terrence McCullum Marion Marion
Jacob McCurdy Marion Marion
Noah McGinniss Marion Marion
Michaela McSweeney Waldo Marion
Jaime Melton Marion Marion
Brianna Mendez Marion Marion
Taylor Merritt Marion Marion
Willis Middlebrooks Marion Marion
Lauren Miley Marion Marion
Mitchell Miley Marion Marion
Auwinggau Miller Caledonia Marion
Eric Miller Marion Marion
Jennifer Miller Marion Marion
Jonathan Miller Marion Marion
Nichelle Miller Marion Marion
Jesse Milling Marion Marion
Taylor Miracle Marion Marion
Janie Mitchell Marion Marion
Dikembe Moore Marion Marion
Charity Moran Green Camp Marion
Alexander Morton Marion Marion
Madilynn Motes Marion Marion
Jeremy Mull Marion Marion
Bridget Murphy Marion Marion
Breanna Napper Marion Marion
Joel Nease Marion Marion
Gracilyn Nelson Marion Marion
Troy Nichols Prospect Marion
Kendra Nicol Morral Marion
Kaylee Oiler Marion Marion
Haley Onesko Marion Marion
Elizabeth Oney LaRue Marion
Jose Ortiz Marion Marion
Mark Pan Marion Marion
Sydney Parish Prospect Marion
William Parks Marion Marion
Michael Patterson Marion Marion
Craig Payne Marion Marion
Giselle Perez Marion Marion
Jordan Perry Marion Marion
Owen Peters Marion Marion
Elisa Pfaff Marion Marion
Skylar Phillians Marion Marion
Christina Phophan Marion Marion
Louis Pierce Marion Marion
Jaime Pineda Marion Marion
Juan Pineda Marion Marion
Christopher Pinnick Marion Marion
Ronald Prater Marion Marion
Alexander Pratt Marion Marion
Sherry Prince Prospect Marion
Adam Rajkotwala Marion Marion
Trent Reece Marion Marion
Braxton Reed Marion Marion
Rhashann Richardson Marion Marion
Alisha Riebel Marion Marion
Briana Riebel Marion Marion
Raymond Rittenhouse Marion Marion
Desiree Rivers Marion Marion
Aleah Robinson Marion Marion
Courtney Rogers Marion Marion
Michael Rolling Marion Marion
Jacob Romero Marion Marion
Pedro Rosalez-Lopez Marion Marion
Cassie Roseberry Marion Marion
Deion Roy Marion Marion
Bailey Ruth Marion Marion
Ana Salinas Sanchez Marion Marion
Afton Salyers Marion Marion
Timothy Salyers Marion Marion
Manuel Sandoval Marion Marion
Alexander Schreck Marion Marion
Austin Shaffer Marion Marion
Minoy Shah Marion Marion
Christina Shearer Marion Marion
Chelsea Sheldrew La Rue Marion
Allison Simon Marion Marion
Carson Smith Marion Marion
Jaden Smith Marion Marion
Justin Smith Marion Marion
Taryn Smith Morral Marion
Christopher Snider Marion Marion
Shane Snuffer Marion Marion
Conner Sparling Marion Marion
Halley Spears Prospect Marion
Courtney Stanford Marion Marion
Kaycie Stark Marion Marion
Ryan Starner New Bloomington Marion
Madison Staton Marion Marion
Lindsey Steele Marion Marion
Alexis Stevens Marion Marion
Daniel Stimson Marion Marion
Emily Stith Marion Marion
Breyanna Stone Prospect Marion
Michael Stoudemire Marion Marion
Melissa Svehla Marion Marion
Madeline Swain Prospect Marion
Anthony Swartz Marion Marion
Brittany Tackett Marion Marion
Terrance Tate Marion Marion
Tony Thaxton Marion Marion
Luke Thomas Marion Marion
Peter Thompkins Marion Marion
Daniel Thompson Marion Marion
Landon Tipsword Marion Marion
Alexus Toombs Marion Marion
Carson Trafzer Marion Marion
Mianca Tran Marion Marion
Juliana Tron Marion Marion
Jonathan Tschudy Marion Marion
Akeem Tubbs Marion Marion
Janis Twilight Marion Marion
Rebekka Twine Marion Marion
Alicia Tyler Marion Marion
Antonio Tyler Marion Marion
Julia Valentine Marion Marion
Alexandra Vandeborne Marion Marion
Lauren VanGorder Marion Marion
Camryn Varner Marion Marion
Katelin Vela Prospect Marion
Mary Vick Marion Marion
Dawn Wade La Rue Marion
Alexzandrea Walker Marion Marion
Devin Walker Marion Marion
Jessica Walker Marion Marion
Mason Walker Marion Marion
Jazmine Walters Caledonia Marion
Reagan Ward Morral Marion
Hannah Westler Marion Marion
Madison Whitaker Marion Marion
Dallas White Marion Marion
Maddison White Marion Marion
Haley Wilkes Marion Marion
Derrick Williams Marion Marion
James Williams Marion Marion
Jovita Williams Marion Marion
Olivia Williams Marion Marion
Hali Wilson Marion Marion
Makenzie Wollett Caledonia Marion
Andrew Worthington Marion Marion
Makayla Yake Marion Marion
William Young Marion Marion
Landyn Albanese Marengo Morrow
Dakota Barnett Edison Morrow
Brendan Barry Cardington Morrow
Conor Becker Mount Gilead Morrow
Johnathan Beheler Sparta Morrow
Makenna Belcher Marengo Morrow
Joseph Bennett Marengo Morrow
Jerald Bosh Mt. Gilead Morrow
Christina Bullen Cardington Morrow
Deven Busse Marengo Morrow
Madison Carney Marengo Morrow
Brittany Chester Marengo Morrow
Stacy Christian Marengo Morrow
Casey Conley Marengo Morrow
Pamela Conner Edison Morrow
Tim Creasap Mt Gilead Morrow
Brooklynn Cutrone Marengo Morrow
Cameron Cutrone Marengo Morrow
Francesca Cutrupi Mount Gilead Morrow
William Dixon Fredricktown Morrow
Abigail Donner Bellville Morrow
Emilie Drumm Galion Morrow
Allee Dutt Cardington Morrow
Madison Elswick Mount Gilead Morrow
Abbigail Eusey Marengo Morrow
Haven Farson Mount Gilead Morrow
Montana Fields Marengo Morrow
Abby Ford Edison Morrow
Zachary Foster Mount Gilead Morrow
Devin Gheen Cardington Morrow
Dylan Gheen Cardington Morrow
Mallory Graham Mount Gilead Morrow
Clarissa Griffith Mount Gilead Morrow
Rachael Groves Mount Gilead Morrow
Baylee Hack Mount Gilead Morrow
Eric Hamilton Cardington Morrow
Gracie Hinkle Marengo Morrow
Ashley Howard Mount Gilead Morrow
Ashley Huffine Marengo Morrow
Kayla Hughes Elliott Cardington Morrow
Kadin Johnson Marengo Morrow
Cheridan Jones Mount Gilead Morrow
Bruce Jordan Cardington Morrow
Madelynn Jordan Mount Gilead Morrow
Julia Kanagy Mt.Gilead Morrow
Lillee Keltner Mount Gilead Morrow
Jacob Levering Mount Gilead Morrow
Michelle Likens Marengo Morrow
Taylor Linkous Mount Gilead Morrow
Elizabeth Long Cardington Morrow
Madison Long Cardington Morrow
Katlyn Lowrie Cardington Morrow
Cedric Masi Mount Gilead Morrow
Jonathan McClenathan Cardington Morrow
Alexandra Mellenger Cardington Morrow
Garrett Mentzer Marengo Morrow
Camrie Meyers Cardington Morrow
Cori Milburn Marengo Morrow
Christian Miller Marengo Morrow
Brad Morehouse Marengo Morrow
Mackinzi Newsome Marengo Morrow
Dakota Nicholson Marengo Morrow
Zoe Parrott Lexington Morrow
Andrew Pearl Marengo Morrow
Kaitlynn Pfeifer Mount Gilead Morrow
Xavier Privette Cardington Morrow
Eli Rawlins Cardington Morrow
Landon Remmert Marengo Morrow
Jenna Rogers Mount Gilead Morrow
Andrew Ruckman Marengo Morrow
Tess Ruehrmund Cardington Morrow
Kacie Runyon Mount Gilead Morrow
Cassady Sagar Marengo Morrow
Andrew Santo Marengo Morrow
Jewel Schirtzinger Marengo Morrow
Kate Schmidt Cardington Morrow
Olivia Schnuerer Mt. Gilead Morrow
Andrew Schoppelrei Cardington Morrow
Bryce Schott Fredericktown Morrow
Mason Shingleton Marengo Morrow
Cassandra Snopik Mount Gilead Morrow
Sarah Somerlot Mount Gilead Morrow
Sydney Spires Mount Gilead Morrow
Brittany Stevens Fredericktown Morrow
Taylor Stiltner Sparta Morrow
Sophia Thacker Caledonia Morrow
Peyton Tiedtke Mount Gilead Morrow
Tonya Van Winkle Centerburg Morrow
Darcie Walters Cardington Morrow
Claire Young Mount Gilead Morrow
Michalea Zeger Mount Gilead Morrow
Annabelle Zerby Marengo Morrow
Arri Honaker Marion NonOhio
Anthony Starling Marion NonOhio
Ethan Pearson Kent Portage
Jordan Guillen Pandora Putnam
Cash Hook Leipsic Putnam
Patricia Bailey Shelby Richland
Caitlyn Callaghan Mansfield Richland
Berlyn Cline Mansfield Richland
William Frederick Bellville Richland
Kendra Gano Shiloh Richland
Liza Gilkeson Lexington Richland
Spencer Low Mansfield Richland
Jessica Porter Shelby Richland
Tiffany Sykes Mansfield Richland
David Bagent Tiffin Seneca
Vollie Brock Fort Seneca Seneca
Darek Feindel Fostoria Seneca
Tyler Fitch-Lemons Fort Seneca Seneca
Thomas Frederick New Riegel Seneca
Noelle Grasley Tiffin Seneca
Cody Hill Amsden Seneca
Alex Holmer Bloomville Seneca
Zachary Hoy Tiffin Seneca
Logan Jacoby Tiffin Seneca
Kimberly Kramer Tiffin Seneca
Tyler McDaniel Amsden Seneca
Blake MIller Bloomville Seneca
Gauge Sadler Fort Seneca Seneca
Michala Shade Bloomville Seneca
Bryce Steinhauser Fort Seneca Seneca
Michael Stewart Fort Seneca Seneca
Mackenzie Streacker New Riegel Seneca
William Wendler Tiffin Seneca
Addison Wood Bloomville Seneca
Madison Amstutz Richwood Union
Elisabeth Ardrey Richwood Union
Sydney Bacon Richwood Union
Derek Ballinger Richwood Union
Holden Banfield Richwood Union
Leah Bressler Marysville Union
Adam Brown Richwood Union
Matthew Carpenter Marysville Union
Joie Carr Marysville Union
Braxton Conol Richwood Union
Camille Craft Richwood Union
James Craig Raymond Union
Emma Crusey Richwood Union
Brittany Fitch Richwood Union
Joshua Grove Richwood Union
Rachel Harrington Richwood Union
Justin Hixson Marysville Union
Mason Holland Richwood Union
Kori Marvin Richwood Union
Madison Mays Marysville Union
Karen Michael Richwood Union
Kate Miller Richwood Union
Grace Millington Marysville Union
Amanda Mollohan Marysville Union
Abbigail Moore Richwood Union
Makenzie Moss Richwood Union
Becki Nace Richwood Union
Alec Oreilly Richwood Union
Chandler Pauk Marysville Union
Sarah Perkins Richwood Union
Kristin Rausch Marysville Union
Latricia Rister Marysville Union
Kirby Robinson Richwood Union
Katlyn Saunders Richwood Union
Rachel Sherer Milford Center Union
Connor Sloboda Marysville Union
Kaylee Smith Marysville Union
Mackenzie Soviak Marysville Union
Michaela Stauffer Marysville Union
Taylor Stidham Richwood Union
Carter Wedding Raymond Union
Jacob Willis West Mansfield Union
Jessica Wolfe Richwood Union
Avery Zwayer Richwood Union
Bethanne Gabriel Springboro Warren
Andrew Fairbanks Bradner Wood
Nathan Ackley Carey Wyandot
Cade Adams Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Kayla Adkins Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Lia Barth Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Nickolas Bay Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Marie Berger Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Hailey Best Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Garrett Billock Carey Wyandot
David Bils Nevada Wyandot
Sarah Bollinger Nevada Wyandot
Shelbey Bollinger Sycamore Wyandot
Collin Brown Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Emma Brown Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Katelyn Caine Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Marcellus Callahan Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Nicole Carmona Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Caitlyn Carter Carey Wyandot
Kelsei Carter Carey Wyandot
Dustin Chatfield Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Abby Clouse Carey Wyandot
Derrick Conley Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Hally Courtad Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Heather Crouch Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Sydney Cusac Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Hannah Daris Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Laila Daughenbaugh Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Sydnie Dible Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Kevin Dong Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Hannah Droll Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Wyatt Eigel Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Nestor Flores Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Brady Fraley Carey Wyandot
Kara Frey Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Robert Gearhart Nevada Wyandot
Soren Gerlach Nevada Wyandot
Coty Gibson Sycamore Wyandot
Jennifer Gonzalez Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Rylee Goodman Harpster Wyandot
Taylor Hackworth Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Caleb Healea Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Blake Herbert Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Hannah Herring Harpster Wyandot
Jacob Herring Harpster Wyandot
Justin Herring Harpster Wyandot
Katherine Homburg Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Lainie Howell Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Garrett Huston Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Dane Jones Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Savannah Kinley Upper Sandusky Wyandot
William Kirkpatrick Nevada Wyandot
Kayla Lab Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Adrihannah Lohr Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Hannah Lonsway Carey Wyandot
Gracie Manns Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Jada Manns Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Troy Mawer Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Macey McCombs Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Nathan Montz Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Steven Nye Carey Wyandot
Mary Overton Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Justin Pfiester Sycamore Wyandot
Caden Pollock Sycamore Wyandot
Kaleb Raymond Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Storm Rife Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Owen Rothlisberger Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Sarah Scott Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Allison Sheaffer Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Taylor Sherman Wharton Wyandot
Ivy Shoemaker Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Jadyn Smalley Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Nicole Snook Wharton Wyandot
Cole Sowers Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Kobe Stillberger Sycamore Wyandot
Sydney Stuckman Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Taylor Stutz Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Megan Sullivan CAREY Wyandot
Hannah Swartz Sycamore Wyandot
Claire Swavel Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Emma Swihart Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Jaclyn Thiel Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Jarett Thiel Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Garrett Thomas Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Josie Traxler Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Aimee Troiano Carey Wyandot
Lukas Vaughn Carey Wyandot
Alan Watterson Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Levi Wendling Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Katherine Willis Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Evan Young Upper Sandusky Wyandot

Fall Semester begins Aug. 24. A shorter 8-week session starts Oct. 19.