485 Local Students Make Marion Technical College Dean’s List

485 Local Students Make Marion Technical College Dean’s List

June 18, 2019 (Marion) — Marion Technical College (MTC) announces that 142 full-time students and 343 part-time students made the Dean’s List for Spring Semester. The 559 outstanding scholars earned at least 3.5 out of a possible 4.0 academic average.

“These high-achieving students are on their way to bright futures,” said Dr. Ryan McCall, president of MTC. “I am proud of their success.”

The full-time students on the Dean’s List include 80 students from Marion County. In addition, there are four from Crawford County, six from Delaware County, four from Franklin County, seven students from Morrow County, three from Richland County, six from Union County and 16 from Wyandot County.

First Name

Last Name

City County
Miles Burgess Ashland Ashland
Isidora Burling Bucyrus Crawford
Alec Hillman Bucyrus Crawford
Kenneth Hughes Bucyrus Crawford
Eric Thomas Bucyrus Crawford
Emalee Meyer Mark Center Defiance
Amanda Aleshire Delaware Delaware
Jessica Gamble Ashley Delaware
Bethany Hurt Delaware Delaware
Brandi Sherry Ashley Delaware
Jessica Weber Delaware Delaware
Lillian Weber Delaware Delaware
Rochel Eckard Pickerington Fairfield
Amaal Ali Columbus Franklin
Lisa Buffer Columbus Franklin
Tonia Messmer Canal Winchester Franklin
Hannah Torres Westerville Franklin
Emily Walter Mount Blanchard Hancock
Harley Crisp Kenton Hardin
Taylor Gillfillan Forest Hardin
Allison Koenig Forest Hardin
Hillary Turner Kenton Hardin
Crystal Harstine Howard Knox
Reghan Bieleski West Liberty Logan
Elizabeth Carpenter West Mansfield Logan
Makayla Cayot Bellefontaine Logan
Rebecca Dilbone Rushsylvania Logan
Joshua Arthur Marion Marion
Anton Asberry Marion Marion
Tylor Atwood Marion Marion
Alexys Bell Marion Marion
Lindsay Bender Marion Marion
Jayden Bess Marion Marion
Michael Blankenship Marion Marion
Ondre Brown Marion Marion
Gregory Carlo Marion Marion
Evan Carwile Marion Marion
Ryan Clark Marion Marion
Scott Clark Marion Marion
Carlie Craycraft Marion Marion
Austin Curren Marion Marion
Amanda Daily La Rue Marion
Cody Daniel Marion Marion
Jon Danklefsen Marion Marion
Robert Davis Marion Marion
Jessica Day Marion Marion
John Endicott Marion Marion
Caitlynn Fox Prospect Marion
Stephen Fox Marion Marion
Deandre Gaston Marion Marion
Ryan Griffith Marion Marion
Dustin Hall Marion Marion
James Harruff Marion Marion
Joshua Hendrix Green Camp Marion
Andrea Hoffman Marion Marion
Jordan Howell Marion Marion
Logan Hulit Marion Marion
Anna Hundley Marion Marion
Luke Hundley Marion Marion
Rodney Jackson Marion Marion
David Jeanmougin Marion Marion
David Jensen Marion Marion
Daniel Johnson Marion Marion
Joshua Kibler Marion Marion
Jason King Marion Marion
Jayleen King Marion Marion
Kyle King Marion Marion
Dylan Kusmyn Marion Marion
Devin Lake Marion Marion
Phillip Lovins Marion Marion
Bayleigh Massey Marion Marion
Kayla McCoy Marion Marion
Sydney McCoy Marion Marion
Andrew McGrady Marion Marion
Taylor Merritt Marion Marion
Daeveonna Middleton Marion Marion
Mitchell Miley Marion Marion
Keith Morris Marion Marion
Madilynn Motes Marion Marion
Zachary Murdock La Rue Marion
Kerrington Nelson Marion Marion
Troy Nichols Prospect Marion
Samantha Oliver Marion Marion
Craig Payne Marion Marion
Emily Phillips Marion Marion
Chase Plotner Marion Marion
Ai’Layshia Randle-Williams Marion Marion
Stephanie Reale Marion Marion
Caleb Rector Marion Marion
Isaac Rife Marion Marion
Ashleigh Rovtar Marion Marion
Afton Salyers Marion Marion
Christopher Smith Marion Marion
Chad Sprinkle Marion Marion
Brayden Stark Marion Marion
Graham Steed Marion Marion
Myles Steed Marion Marion
Daniel Stimson Marion Marion
Kelsey Stiverson Marion Marion
Michele Thomas Marion Marion
Schyler Trent Marion Marion
Kevin Wade Marion Marion
Kyle Wade Marion Marion
Mason Walker Marion Marion
Janae Williams Marion Marion
Olivia Williams Marion Marion
Joshua Zedaker Marion Marion
Gayla Bryant Dayton Montgomery
Joseph Bennett Marengo Morrow
Spencer Benson Cardington Morrow
Jennifer Bowman Mount Gilead Morrow
Reva Falke Mount Gilead Morrow
Brad Morehouse Marengo Morrow
Dalton Rogers Cardington Morrow
Kacie Runyon Mount Gilead Morrow
Forrest McDaniel Mansfield Richland
Richard Minnear Mansfield Richland
Jessica Porter Shelby Richland
Casey Stallard Tiffin Seneca
Rachel Osmar Brewster Stark
Makenna Bowen Irwin Union
Joshua Grove Richwood Union
Madison Mays Marysville Union
Kirby Riffle Richwood Union
Donna Schnees Milford Center Union
Carter Wedding Raymond Union
Ashley Allsup Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Hally Courtad Upper Sandusky Wyandot
John Dickerson Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Keris Dilgard Nevada Wyandot
Dalton Foos Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Cheyanne Kenner Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Danielle Lambrite Forest Wyandot
Jonathan Lewis Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Matthew Luikart Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Ankit Patel Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Jessica Smith Kirby Wyandot
Rebecca Stoner Nevada Wyandot
Jaclyn Thiel Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Jarett Thiel Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Megan Thiel Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Jeffrey Young Harpster Wyandot


Another 343 part-time students also earned a spot on the Dean’s List. To qualify, part-time students need to earn at least 12 credit hours in the past academic year. These high-achieving students include 12 students from Crawford County, 23 from Delaware County, 13 from Franklin County, five from Hancock County, eight from Hardin County, ten from Knox County, 147 from Marion County, 45 from Morrow County, eight from Richland County, 28 from Union County and 31 from Wyandot County.

First Name Last Name City County
Leah Woods Lima Allen
Summer Boyd Sullivan Ashland
Miranda Grisso Springfield Clark
Lakseh Draper Crestline Crawford
Hannah Gulley Bucyrus Crawford
Theresa Hadsell Bucyrus Crawford
Martha Lawrence Bucyrus Crawford
Sarah Lipscomb Bucyrus Crawford
Jamie Lutz Bucyrus Crawford
Hayley McNutt Sulphur Springs Crawford
Connor Miller Bucyrus Crawford
Wyatt Reeder Galion Crawford
Estelle Runals Bucyrus Crawford
Alexander Tuttle Galion Crawford
Kelsie Williams Bucyrus Crawford
Nicole Birchfield Delaware Delaware
Angelina Brinckerhoff Ostrander Delaware
Faith Crim Delaware Delaware
Bailey Decker Delaware Delaware
Jalisa Dunn Westerville Delaware
Rylynn Feaster Delaware Delaware
Valerie Garvin Powell Delaware
Charsey James Delaware Delaware
Arielle Knapp Powell Delaware
Eric Maes Delaware Delaware
Emily Mengerink Delaware Delaware
Isabella Miller Delaware Delaware
Lauren Miller Delaware Delaware
Audrey Newman Ostrander Delaware
Caitlin Newman Delaware Delaware
Kristen Noll Delaware Delaware
John Rice Delaware Delaware
McKenna Roush Delaware Delaware
Dhara Shah Lewis Center Delaware
Victoria Sutton Lewis Center Delaware
Anna Tatarenko Lewis Center Delaware
Ian Taylor Sunbury Delaware
Brenda Tumeo Sunbury Delaware
Jennifer Arnett Columbus Franklin
Ashley Cooper Westerville Franklin
Corrine Gildenmeister Columbus Franklin
Brittany Glenn Columbus Franklin
Andrea Hayes Canal Winchester Franklin
Gloria Kaple Columbus Franklin
Alyson McPherson Columbus Franklin
Jonathan Parkhurst Westerville Franklin
Stephanie Polletta Hilliard Franklin
Emily Sharick Dublin Franklin
Sarah Stegall Columbus Franklin
Ellen Underwood-Tripp Columbus Franklin
Laura Wagner Columbus Franklin
Brandi Borkosky Arlington Hancock
Brooke Kuenzli Mount Blanchard Hancock
Natalie Snook Arlington Hancock
Bryanna Vanden Bosch Arlington Hancock
Tayler Yoder Mount Blanchard Hancock
Alexa Brooks Mount Victory Hardin
Kendra Kearns Forest Hardin
Abigail Knedler Forest Hardin
Mackenzie Lee Mount Victory Hardin
Brandi McCormick Forest Hardin
Evan Redding Kenton Hardin
Terrill Webb Kenton Hardin
Elijah Weber Forest Hardin
Ashley Bolitho Steubenville Jefferson
Chase Carpenter Mount Vernon Knox
Madison Cecil Centerburg Knox
Noah Dado Centerburg Knox
Zachary DeBord Mount Vernon Knox
Allison Frost Fredericktown Knox
Zachary Granger Fredericktown Knox
Zane Harris Centerburg Knox
Branton Howard Mount Vernon Knox
Eric Lawson Mount Vernon Knox
Clay Matthews Mount Vernon Knox
Kayla Conrad West Mansfield Logan
Jonathan Polley Marion Madison
Aaron Adams Marion Marion
Samantha Atlee Marion Marion
Michael Austin Marion Marion
Joshwa Bachelder Marion Marion
Evan Backensto Marion Marion
Ryan Bakies Prospect Marion
Emily Belcher Marion Marion
Kaylee Belcher Marion Marion
Molly Benson Marion Marion
McKenna Bilbrey Marion Marion
Eugene Blakely Marion Marion
Carson Bollinger Marion Marion
Korey Bosart Green Camp Marion
John Boyle Marion Marion
Rachel Bridson Marion Marion
Gregg Brimacombe Marion Marion
McKinley Britton Prospect Marion
Justin Brown Marion Marion
Olivia Brown Marion Marion
Amber Buchanan Marion Marion
Gabriel Burggraf La Rue Marion
Toby Busler Marion Marion
Chevelle Butler Marion Marion
Mckynna Byrne Marion Marion
David Calhoun Marion Marion
Lowell Calhoun Marion Marion
Aaron Catlin Marion Marion
Justine Chevalier Marion Marion
Jesse Conners Marion Marion
Lillian Corbin Prospect Marion
Chaphan Cramer Marion Marion
Kyle Culver Prospect Marion
Jonathan Curren Marion Marion
Robert Curren Marion Marion
Jack Curtis Marion Marion
Kiersten Dailey Marion Marion
Grace Davis Marion Marion
Gabriel Detwiler Marion Marion
Olivia Detwiler Marion Marion
Emma Dunham Marion Marion
Cory Edler Marion Marion
Lenworth Edwards Marion Marion
James Emery Marion Marion
Ethan Enders Marion Marion
Phil Facaros Marion Marion
Kenneth Flores Marion Marion
Leah Fox Marion Marion
Lauren Frank Marion Marion
Kathleen Gates Marion Marion
Teylor Gracely New Bloomington Marion
Jordan Gruber Marion Marion
Erica Gushard Marion Marion
Daniel Haas Marion Marion
Sutton Haile Marion Marion
Kimberlyn Hall Marion Marion
Kylar Hall Marion Marion
Michael Hall Marion Marion
Morgan Hampton Marion Marion
Rachael Harbaugh Marion Marion
Robert Harris Marion Marion
Olivia Hays Marion Marion
Alli Hein Prospect Marion
Blake Higgins Marion Marion
Ruthayn Hill Marion Marion
Justin Hix Prospect Marion
Nathanael Hollon Marion Marion
Michael Hornbeck Marion Marion
Christina Irvine Marion Marion
Asa Ison Marion Marion
Olivia Jordan Marion Marion
Katerina Kelley Marion Marion
Tangwystl Keplar Marion Marion
Tyler Kienzle Marion Marion
Collin Kill Marion Marion
Danielle King Marion Marion
Bailee Kline Prospect Marion
Aubrie Lambert Prospect Marion
Jennifer Landon Marion Marion
William Lassiter Marion Marion
Kaitlin Lenke Marion Marion
Jamie Long Marion Marion
Jon Lucas Marion Marion
Calvin Markley Marion Marion
Matthew Martin Marion Marion
Halle Marvich Marion Marion
Tamara Mathews Marion Marion
Noah McGinniss Marion Marion
Kirt McReynolds Marion Marion
Eian Miller Prospect Marion
Jennifer Miller Marion Marion
Alyssa Mohr Marion Marion
Christa Mohr Marion Marion
Olivia Moodley Marion Marion
Dikembe Moore Marion Marion
Charity Moran Green Camp Marion
Kelly Mullenax Marion Marion
Bridget Murphy Marion Marion
Sarah Murray Marion Marion
Annika Musser Marion Marion
Broderick Musser Marion Marion
Myles Nutter Marion Marion
William Nuzum Marion Marion
Taylor Obenour Marion Marion
Kaylee Oiler Marion Marion
Jesse O’Neill Marion Marion
Karissa Osborne Marion Marion
Brittany Owens Prospect Marion
Melanie Owens Marion Marion
Maria Peltier Marion Marion
Owen Peters Marion Marion
Louis Pierce Marion Marion
Sydney Rasnick Marion Marion
Braxton Reed Marion Marion
Karington Reed Marion Marion
Parker Richards Marion Marion
Nathaniel Richardson Marion Marion
Jeremy Roberts Marion Marion
Olivia Robinson Marion Marion
Jacob Romero Marion Marion
Pedro Rosalez-Lopez Marion Marion
Alexa Sager Prospect Marion
Austin Shaffer Marion Marion
Erin Smith Marion Marion
Lainey Smith Marion Marion
Halley Spears Prospect Marion
Ronald Stacy Marion Marion
Kaycie Stark Marion Marion
Eric Stevens Marion Marion
Emily Stith Marion Marion
Breyanna Stone Prospect Marion
Owen Sullivan Marion Marion
McKenzie Temple Marion Marion
Landon Tipsword Marion Marion
Juliana Tron Marion Marion
Jonathan Tschudy Marion Marion
Rebekka Twine Marion Marion
Katelin Vela Prospect Marion
Kelsi Vogel Marion Marion
Makenna Waddell Marion Marion
Natalie Wagner Marion Marion
Kristi Wakely Caledonia Marion
Barry Wallace Marion Marion
Daylee Walls Marion Marion
Reagan Ward Morral Marion
Ethan Warner Marion Marion
Wyatt Wells Marion Marion
Madison Williamson Marion Marion
Kelsee Bargnesi Marengo Morrow
Kenzee Bargnesi Marengo Morrow
Brian Benner Marengo Morrow
Emily Benson Cardington Morrow
Christine Boner Mount Gilead Morrow
James Croy Marengo Morrow
Aubrey Curtis Cardington Morrow
Francesca Cutrupi Mount Gilead Morrow
Mostyn Evans Mount Gilead Morrow
Callie Gaines Marengo Morrow
Margaret Garrett Cardington Morrow
Christian Hand Cardington Morrow
Kaitlyn Huff Chesterville Morrow
Steven Hylton Cardington Morrow
Lori Jobe Marengo Morrow
Lillee Keltner Marengo Morrow
Rebecca Kindred Mt. Gilead Morrow
Sierra Mailey Marengo Morrow
Christian Miller Marengo Morrow
Bridgette Millisor Mount Gilead Morrow
Hunter Mills Edison Morrow
Kristine Minnick Marengo Morrow
Ashleigh Morales Cardington Morrow
Jenilee Morgan Mount Gilead Morrow
Kacie O’Leary Marengo Morrow
Grace Patrick Cardington Morrow
Anthony Petulla Mount Gilead Morrow
Bailey Remmert Marengo Morrow
Benjamin Rinehart Cardington Morrow
Jenna Rogers Mount Gilead Morrow
Matthew Ross Galion Morrow
Tess Ruehrmund Cardington Morrow
Mary Schwartz Mount Gilead Morrow
Stephanie Smith Edison Morrow
Gabrielle Snodgrass Cardington Morrow
Hannah Stevens Mount Gilead Morrow
Caitlyn Stover Marengo Morrow
Grace Struck Marengo Morrow
Lillian Tate Mount Gilead Morrow
Ryland Thomas Iberia Morrow
Zachary Thompson Cardington Morrow
Olivia Tocash Marengo Morrow
Casey White Mount Gilead Morrow
Morgan Wilhelm Marengo Morrow
Bailey Wiseman Mount Gilead Morrow
Erica Baxter Monroe Michigan
Angela Wigfall Mack Goose Creek South Carolina
Jacob Hetrick Oak Harbor Ottawa
Anna Donner Bellville Richland
Kortney Durnwald Shelby Richland
Kayla Jeffery Mansfield Richland
Rachael Knipp Lucas Richland
Lisa Schofield Lexington Richland
Ashley Stiefel Shelby Richland
Taylor Viars Lexington Richland
Brandy Yates Shelby Richland
Dawn Hackenburg Bellevue Sandusky
Alexis Feindel Fostoria Seneca
Brianna Fitzpatrick Bloomville Seneca
Joel Ackerman Richwood Union
Zachary Ahern Richwood Union
Jacob Allegree Marysville Union
Madison Amstutz Richwood Union
Sydney Bacon Richwood Union
Joseph Blair Richwood Union
Adam Brown Richwood Union
Thomas Carpenter Marysville Union
Abigail Chadwick Richwood Union
Sarah Chadwick Richwood Union
Kylee MTC Marysville Union
Hunter Cox Marysville Union
Grant Daum Marysville Union
Chelsea Eubanks Raymond Union
Jacob Florio Marysville Union
Karen Michael Richwood Union
Kaitlyn O’Connors Marysville Union
Cole Peterson Marysville Union
Nicholas Riley Richwood Union
Brooklyn Roberts Richwood Union
Madison Salyer Marysville Union
Keryan Sellers Richwood Union
Dalton Skaggs Richwood Union
Brooke Snyder Richwood Union
Samantha South Marysville Union
Logan Suiter Richwood Union
Jessica Wolfe Richwood Union
Gavin Zwayer Richwood Union
Bethanne Gabriel Springboro Warren
Olivia Barth Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Sarah Bollinger Nevada Wyandot
Courtney Bricely Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Emma Brown Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Kendel Browning Sycamore Wyandot
Lillian Ciola Harpster Wyandot
Derrick Conley Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Keaton Cunningham Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Hannah Daris Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Kevin Dong Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Micah Harris Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Katelyn Hildebrand Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Emily Hill Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Jason Holly Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Katherine Homburg Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Rachelle Howell Nevada Wyandot
Haylee Johnson Nevada Wyandot
Colleen Laferty Nevada Wyandot
Connor Landversicht Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Seth Mawer Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Hannah McKinniss Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Alyssa Newman Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Mary Overton Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Caden Roberts Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Emma Schoenberger Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Allison Sheaffer Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Jadyn Smalley Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Eve Smith Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Garrett Thomas Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Isaiah Washburn Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Lainie Wright Nevada Wyandot

More than 50,000 students have walked through the doors of Marion Technical College to learn new skills, earn new certifications and degrees, and open up new career and educational opportunities.  For more, go to mtc.edu or call (740) 389-4636.