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Life Experience Credit

In some departments you may be permitted to progress to more advanced work in a particular program if you can demonstrate college-level competency.

This may be used to reduce the number of courses required to graduate, provided your qualifications and experience are similar in nature and quality to those one would acquire by successfully completing those courses offered the college.

If you have qualifications from job training, self-study, occupational, or other life experiences, you may be able to earn college credit in certain courses by applying for Life Experience Credit at Marion Technical College (MTC).  If you have sufficient documentation to show that you have proficiency in the learning outcomes of the course you wish to earn credit, you may apply for Life Experience Credit.
Credit hours awarded through this process may be used for elective requirements or serve as a substitute for course(s) in the curriculum if the life experience is 70% equivalent to the course learning outcomes. 

The department dean/director may deny the request, or forward the request recommended for approval along with the documentation to the Vice President of Instructional Services for consideration of approval

Please Note:

There is a limit of MTC credit hours that may be earned through exam, life experience, or any combination thereof.

A $15 per credit hour, nonrefundable fee must be paid to the Business Office before credentials for Life Experience Credit are evaluated. You may want to meet with an advisor before applying for Life Experience credit.

The awarding of Life Experience Credit and the necessary documentation varies by course, program and department.  For more information about the submission for Life Experience credit, please contact the appropriate person listed below:

Health Technologies courses:  Contact Chris Gase at or 740-389-4636 (x306)

Business, IT, and CJ courses:  Contact Debbie Stark at or 740-389-4636 (x4165)

Engineering Technology courses:  Contact Matt Farson at or 740-389-4636 (x4134)

Human and Social Services courses: Contact Sam Wolfe at or 740-389-4636 (x4117)

Nursing Courses:  Contact Cindy Hartman at or 740-389-4636 (x4142)


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