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MTC offers free tutoring in a variety of courses for current MTC students.  To meet different student needs, we offer One-to-One tutoring,open table tutoring groups, and online tutoring services.  If you are having difficulty in a class, check out the links below and take advantage of these services, today!

If you have any questions, see Kathy Rice, Coordinator of Tutorial Services.  She can be reached at:

740.386.4191, Bryson Hall Room 197

Other Student Resource Center (SRC) staff are glad to be of assistance in connecting you with Kathy or answering your questions, as well.

MTC's Tutoring Program:  Helping You Open Doors to Your Own Success!

Which Courses are Tutored?

Tutoring is available for most general education courses. We also try to find tutors for technology specific courses upon request. While we cannot promise to meet every tutor request, we work hard to try to do so. Our goal is to help all students be successful at MTC.

What is One-to-One Tutoring?

In one-to-one tutoring, you will be matched with a specific tutor with whom you can work throughout the term. Once you are matched, you and the tutor decide how often and when you will meet. Most one-to-one tutoring occurs in the Academic Success Center (ASC). One-to-one tutoring is a good choice when you are having regular difficulty in a class.

How Do I Apply?

    Start early! Don’t wait until you are behind or failing a course before asking for help. Complete the tutor request form by clicking this link or by picking up a form in the SRC. It is best to briefly meet with the Tutor Coordinator at that time, so that she clearly understands your needs. The Coordinator will assign a tutor to you. [This may take as much as a week to arrange, so make your requests early.] An initial appointment will be set up for you to meet the tutor. You and the tutor will determine dates and times for future meetings. You should set up regular weekly appointments to benefit the most from one-to-one tutoring.

What Is Open Table Tutoring?

Open tables are consistent, set times when a tutor for a specific subject or course will be available to work with any MTC student who comes. You are welcome to stay for as little or as long as you need. You do not have to apply or pre-schedule with a tutor to take advantage of open table tutoring. Open tables are great if you have only a few questions about your work and if you like to study with others from your classes. Days/times and courses covered in open tables vary from term to term, so you will want to check the schedule each term to see what is available.

Another Option:  Online Tutoring

MTC is proud to be a member of the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative. The nation's largest free online tutoring collaborative. As an MTC student, you have the opportunity to participate in theses services, seven days a week, in a variety of courses. You can easily connect by clicking on this link. Contact Kathy Rice for more information.

Guidelines for Students Using MTC’s Tutoring

To make the tutoring services you receive part of your total success at MTC, we have established the following guidelines:

  • Students using tutoring must regularly attend the class for which they are seeking assistance.  

  • Tutors cannot be a substitute for your instructor’s lectures or your independent study efforts.  

  • You will be most successful if you attend class, attempt your homework independently, and use tutors to clarify information you do not understand or to practice application of what you are learning.  

  • If you are not regularly attending class, tutoring will be suspended.

  • Students may receive up to 3 hours of one-to-one tutoring a week per course being tutored. Use of open table and online tutoringtime is unlimited 

  • The more flexible you are in the times you are available to receive tutoring, the more likely we can find you a match quickly.  

  • You must call your tutor or the Coordinator if you cannot come as scheduled, just as the tutor or coordinator must call you if the tutor cannot attend a scheduled appointment.   This is only fair and courteous on all our parts. Students who miss two scheduled appointments without prior cancellation will lose their assigned tutor for the rest of the term. Tutors will wait for you for 20 minutes. If you are later than that, your tutor will consider you a "no-show " and will leave.   It will be your responsibility to contact the tutor about missing him/her.

  • Students must bring needed textbooks, syllabi, class handouts, calculators, etc. to tutoring sessions.   The SRC does not have all campus textbooks, so if you do not bring yours with you the tutor may not be able to assist you as needed. Be respectful of your tutor!

How can I Become a Tutor?

MTC’s Tutoring program is always looking for qualified peer tutors. Contact Kathy Rice for an application

Who is Qualified to be a Tutor?

We are looking for current MTC students who have earned A’s or B’s in classes they desire to tutor.  We also prefer to hire students whom faculty recommend as tutors.

Do Tutors Receive Pay?

Yes!  Tutors are considered student employees and receive an hourly wage.

Some Things to Know as You Consider Becoming a Tutor

Tutor work schedules can be very flexible (unless you agree ahead of time to conduct an Open Table Lab). We understand that you are a student first and work around your classes each term. Tutoring is an excellent way to strengthen your own knowledge and academic performance. You are not required to work a minimum number of hours. Therefore if your schedule allows you to work with only one student, that's fine. The amount of hours a tutor can earn varies depending on the needs and attendance of our students. We cannot guarantee you a steady number of hours, unfortunately.

If hired, you will:

    Complete several employment forms for the Tutor Coordinator. Meet with the Tutor Coordinator to receive an overview of services, materials, and tutoring spaces. This meeting requires about 1 hour. Communicate with the Coordinator freely about items you need to better perform your job. Provide tutoring in the Academic Success Center (ASC) unless the Coordinator approves an alternative location.


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