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Textbook Information

At Marion Technical College, we are aware that textbooks are a big expense for students. Providing various options and resources to lower your cost is important to us.  Please browse this section of the site to get ideas of how to save money in the area of textbooks.

Using Excess Financial Aid to Purchase Books

More than 85 percent of Marion Technical College students take advantage of Financial Aid to help pay for college. If you have excess aid after paying your tuition and fees, the College will establish a credit at the Campus Bookstore for you to purchase your books. Books may be purchased using bookstore credit for a set period of time each term.  Be sure to view the college calendar for the designated dates each term for this option.

Where do I go to buy textbooks?

Starting in the spring term of 2017, MTC has entered into an agreement with e-Campus to provide books for all MTC courses. E-Campus is replacing the Barnes and Noble Bookstore as the textbook provider for MTC. E-Campus is an online reseller click here to access the E-Campus web portal.

Some common questions and answers:

What is the new bookstore?
The new bookstore is a virtual/online bookstore called E-Campus. This company has been supplying books to college students since 1999.

Why did MTC switch bookstore providers?
We are aware of the high costs of textbooks, and we want to do what we can to reduce those costs. We believe the switch to E-Campus will substantially lower costs.

How do I order my books for courses?

By clicking on this link

Will I be able to use grants/loans to pay for the books?
Yes. You can also purchase the books with a credit card or PayPal.

How do I get the books?
Books will be delivered to you within 3-5 business days after you place the order.

Can I sell my current books back?
Yes. eCampus representatives will be on campus during finals week to buy Fall books back. You can also go online to get a quote for the books and ship them back for payment.

Can I rent my textbook?
Yes, some textbooks will be available for rental.

Can I download books online?
Absolutely. If an ebook is offered, you will be easily able to download it.

Can I still buy my books at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in the Alber Student Center?
No. MTC is working exclusively with E-Campus. Barnes and Noble will no longer get our updated book lists.

Can I return my books if I drop a class?
Yes, you can return your books within 25 days for any reason.

What should I do?
As you register for spring semester classes, get ready to order you books as soon as you get an email that the site is live. As this is a new system, we recommend not waiting until the last minute as we work out the kinks.

What other colleges use the eCampus online bookstore?
There are more than 250 different colleges and universities using this online bookstore, including Miami University in Oxford Ohio.

Thank you for your assistance.  In addition to this communication in the classroom, we will be making announcements through Canvas for all courses using Canvas, placing fliers in the restrooms stalls in addition to posters in the hallways, and Wendy will be posting this information on social media. 

We know students will have other questions as we transition to this new process. We will provide regular updates through e-mail! For urgent questions, please contact Jeff Nutter at 740-725-4017 or email at

An Alternative if you are waiting on a book - The Campus Library

The Marion Campus Library is a great resource for books, journals, articles and more.  The staff is friendly and available to help – so take advantage of your campus resources in the library.

Our library provides a place for professors to put textbooks for their classes on "Closed Reserve ". This means that a professor can bring a copy of the textbook to the library and choose to let their students borrow it for either 2 hours, 1 day, 3 days or 1 week. Campus ID's are required and if you choose to borrow these items you are responsible for returning them on time and in good condition!


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