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Textbook Information

At Marion Technical College, we are aware that textbooks are a big expense for students. Providing various options and resources to lower your cost is important to us.  Please browse this section of the site to get ideas of how to save money in the area of textbooks.

Using Excess Financial Aid to Purchase Books

More than 85 percent of Marion Technical College students take advantage of Financial Aid to help pay for college. If you have excess aid after paying your tuition and fees, the College will establish a credit at the Campus Bookstore for you to purchase your books. Books may be purchased using bookstore credit for a set period of time each term.  Be sure to view the college calendar for the designated dates each term for this option.

Where do I go to buy textbooks?

A great place to start is the Marion Campus Bookstore. The bookstore is operated by Barnes & Noble and offers the books you will need for any of your classes.  You can search their store and purchase items online if you don’t want to visit in person. You can buy a regular hard copy textbook or an e-book, and beginning the fall of 2011, you will be able to rent textbooks.

Buying, Renting and Selling Textbooks Online

Many college students are turning to the internet to purchase (and sell) textbooks. You may wish to compare vendors for book selection, prices and shipping charges before making a purchase.


  • Get the correct edition … returning can be a hassle as well as costly.

  • Know the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) … this can be found on some websites by entering the book title, author and edition.

  • Compare shipping costs … some sites offer free shipping. Buying from the same vendor may save on shipping.

  • Processing and Shipping takes time … order early.

  • Sometimes MTC may require other resources, such as workbooks, access codes, CDs, etc. that may or may not be packaged with online textbooks.

  • You will need a credit card/bank card to pay online.

Popular online textbook sources Bookbyte CampusBooks Deal Oz

ECampus University System of Ohio ValoreBooks General Questions About Textbooks

Textbook Rental Sources

Use The Campus Library

The Marion Campus Library is a great resource for books, journals, articles and more.  The staff is friendly and available to help – so take advantage of your campus resources in the library.

Our library provides a place for professors to put textbooks for their classes on "Closed Reserve ". This means that a professor can bring a copy of the textbook to the library and choose to let their students borrow it for either 2 hours, 1 day, 3 days or 1 week. Campus ID’s are required and if you choose to borrow these items you are responsible for returning them on time and in good condition!

Sell Your Books

When you are done with your class and no longer need your textbook, you may want to sell your textbook to the next person taking that class.  We have a section of our Facebook page reserved for this. There are also bulletin boards around campus with lists of books for sale. If you choose to purchase through this method, be sure that the book has not changed as a course requirement. You can also sell books through many of the links above where you can also purchase books.

Not Sure What Books you Need?

If you are not sure what books you need for your courses and want to get them before class starts, you can find the information at the Bookstore Website or by visiting the My Books Link. Please note that the Textbooks List link does not show the next terms’ books until shortly before the start date of classes. Please Note: This information is supplied as a service only. Marion Technical College does not endorse any vendor, nor assume responsibility for buying/selling textbooks online.


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