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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:

Q. Where can I get a college catalog?

A. You can view the catalog on-line contact the Admissions Office or Student Resource Center to obtain a copy.

Q.  How long is the Accuplacer test, how much does it cost, and why do I have to take it?

A.  The Accuplacer test is required for most new students.  You do not have to make an appointment and the test is free.  Most students finish in 1 ½ to 2 hours.  The test is not timed and can be retaken.  The test will tell us what level of classes to start in English, Math, and Technology.

Q. If I took the ACT, do I still have to take the Accuplacer test?

A.  Depending on your ACT scores, you may not need to take the Accuplacer at all or you may only need to take 1 or 2 portions of the test.  Your advisor can aid you in determining this process.

Q. Where can I make Photocopies?

A. The Technical Building has a copier located in the Student Lounge Area.  Copies cost 10 cents per page. The Library has two copiers located in the Copier room, which is just down from the Circulation Desk. Both will accept coins and $1, $5, and $10 bills and give change. The library is a pay-to-print facility, meaning there is a charge for photocopies and computer printouts. Copies cost 10 cents per page. Ask at the Circulation Desk for assistance and instructions in using the copiers.

Academic Advising:

Q.  What does a 1st year academic advisor do?

A.  A Student Resource Advisor can help first time students navigate the college system, plan their academic path, and assist with any planning needs.  Also, an advisor helps you plan your courses the first year, help resolve any class problems, and is just there whenever you need a friendly ear.  

Q.  When should I see an advisor?

A.  Prior to 1st and 2nd term registration; The first term after you complete 50-60 credit hours;  Prior to graduation; After an absence of one year or longer; If you change course of study; Whenever you are on academic warning, probation, etc.; Anytime you have a question about your academic progress.

Registering for Classes:

Q.  When do I register for classes?

A.  Check the MTC website at for registration dates.  Students with 13 or more credit hours may register first on-line.  Continuing Students and New Students can register with their advisor.

Q.  How many classes do I have to take to be considered full time?

A.  Full time means you have registered for 12 or more credit hours.

Q.  Will I graduate with an associate degree in two years?

A.  It depends.  If you take 12 hours a term, you will probably need to go more than 6 quarters or 2 years.  You may have to attend longer or take 17-18 credit hours a term.

Q.  How many classes should I take if I work 40 hours per week?

A.  Since the majority of college work is done outside of class, you need to plan 2 hours of study for each hour you’re in class.  That means if you take 12 hours, which is full time, and plan for 24 hours of study/homework, (2x12=24) you will be devoting 36 hrs to college.  That’s the equivalent of a full-time job.  So if you’re already working 40 hours, we recommend you take only 1 or 2 classes to be successful.

General Class Information:

Q.  How will I know if I’m doing well or not in class?

A.  Your homework and test grades are a good indicator.  If you’ve not yet received any grades, another good indicator is if you understand the class content, the text lectures, and the studying every week; you are probably doing O.K.  If all else fails ask the instructor.  Midterm reports are sent out to students who are doing poorly in class.  If you receive one, you need to talk to your instructor immediately to see what you need to do to pass the class.

Q.  Can I bring my kids to class?

A.  Generally, the answer is "no ", although it depends on the instructor.  Classrooms are designed for adults, and children can be very disruptive to the other students.

Q.  What if I can not attend class?

A.  It is your responsibility to contact in instructor.  It is also your responsibility for assignments missed in class.

Q.  What if I need help with my classes?

A.  Students can get help at the Student Resource Center (SRC) in the Technical Building.

Q.  What Services are available at the Student Resource Center?

A.  Tutoring: Students may sign up for one-to-one peer tutoring which is tutoring provided by a student who has successfully completed a similar class. Open table tutoring sessions are pre-announced meetings conducted by a tutor for a specific course, sign-up is required. Online tutoring provides a variety of courses and can be accessed by clicking on this link. Tutoring is free to all MTC students.

Advising:  Advisors are available in the SRC Monday thru Thursday from 9:00am until 8:30 pm to assist students.

Counseling:  The SRC employs a licensed mental health counselor who is available to discuss concerns and distractions that may develop.

Mentoring:  If you are new to MTC or are returning after many years, consider taking advantage of the Mentorship Program.  This service matches first-term students with current students or staff.  Your mentor will meet with you once a week to answer questions and offer suggestions.

Disabilities:  For the College to best meet the needs of students with special requirements, students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to meet with the SRC Director to determine accommodations.

Assessment:  The Accuplacer test is given in the SRC.  This test is used to place students in their appropriate skill level in the areas of English, reading, writing, and math.

Make-Up Testing:  If you need to make-up an exam, the SRC is the designated site for make-up tests.  You are responsible for making arrangements for these tests with your instructor.


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