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Who is invited to join?

Current MTC students who have a 2.5+ GPA will be invited to join the Society two times per year (early August and early January).  Students meeting said qualification will receive an invitation in the postal mail that includes instructions on how to officially sign up for the Society online as a "pending member ".  You will be considered a pending member until you complete all requirements necessary to become inducted into the Society as a full-fledged, "lifetime member ".

What if I don’t have a 2.5+ GPA—can I still be a part of the Society?

If you do not have a 2.5+ GPA, you will not receive an invitation to join the Society.  However, if you download and complete the "Society Nomination Form " here, which includes having to get two faculty/staff recommendations, the Chapter Advisor will consider you for membership.

Additionally, even if you are not a member of the Society, you can still attend our chapter’s motivational video lectures on campus.

Do I have to pay any dues to become a member of the Society?

Like an overwhelming majority of college-based honor/leadership societies, yes, there are dues associated with joining the Society.  For new pending members during the 2011-2012 academic year, you will be required to pay one-time dues in the amount of $85.  This will constitute your dues for life, which means you will not have to pay dues each year.  Although $85 is a significant amount of money, your dues go toward assisting the National Office in providing the "Membership Benefits " listed here.

Please note, your one-time dues are paid directly to the National Office of the Society. MTC does not collect or use your dues.

What is "Presidential Membership " status?

If, at the time of being invited to join the Society, you have a 3.3+ GPA, you will be noted as a Presidential Member.  Once you complete the requirements to be inducted into the Society as a lifetime member and take part in the Induction Ceremony at the end of the academic year, your certificate of completion will include a special notation indicating that you are a Presidential Member.

What is the difference between being a "pending member " and being inducted as a "lifetime member "?

When you initially join the Society and pay your lifetime dues, you are a pending member.  This means that you have met the requirements to join the Society, but have not yet completed the actual leadership development portion of the program that is required to become inducted as a lifetime member.  Throughout the year, you will complete the requirements and upon doing so, you will be inducted as a lifetime member at the Induction Ceremony at the end of the academic year.  Here are the requirements you must meet in order to be inducted as a lifetime member:

Attend orientation Attend leadership training day Attend at least 3 motivational video lectures Attend at least 3 Success Networking Team (SNT) meetings


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