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Returning Students - Questions & Answers

It’s been more than one year since I attended Marion Technical College.  Do I need to reapply?

In most cases, no.  However, you will need to update your student information with a Returning Student Reactivation Form.  

Do I need to see an Admission Counselor before I start back to MTC? 

Students who have been away from MTC for more than one year and those pursuing Limited Enrollment Programs need to see an admission counselor.   Contact the Admissions Office to schedule an appointment.  Other returning students especially those who have been away from MTC for several years may also benefit from an admission appointment as well. 

Do I need to submit my High School or College Transcripts?

In some cases, yes!  Students who attended under the Post-Secondary Enrollment Program will need to submit a final high School Transcript.  If you attended another College or University while you were away from Marion Technical College, you will need to submit an official transcript from those institutions for evaluation. These transcripts can be sent to the Office of Admission, 1467 Mount Vernon Ave., Marion, Ohio 43302.  No faxed or photocopies are accepted.

Do returning students pay an Application Fee?

In most cases, no.  Students who have attended in the past and have earned grades for the courses they have taken will not have to reapply for admission  or pay another application fee.  Students who did not complete the term may need to provide proof of payment with their receipt. 

Am I eligible to apply for Financial Aid?

Students in good academic standing are encouraged to apply early for Financial aid.   The process of disbursement of grants and student loans have changed.  Students are encouraged to visit the Financial Aid section of this website to learn more about using Financial Aid at Marion Technical College.

Do I need to take Accuplacer Tests?

If you have completed college math and English courses at the College level, you may not need these tests.  However, if your previous College experience did not require placement tests or if it has been awhile since you have taken the placement tests, you may benefit from taking the tests and reviewing the results with an advisor. 

What is my student ID number and why do I need one?

The College has assigned student id numbers that will be unique to each student.  If you have attended in the past, you have an id number on record at the College.  With proper identification, this number will be given to you.  Once you have registered for a future term, you will have online access to you academic information on the web. This process will be reviewed during your admission or advising appointment.


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