Congratulations to Spring Term 2017 Dean’s List Part-Time Students at MTC

Marion Technical College has named 332 part-time students (less than 12 credit hours) during Summer, Fall and/or Spring Semesters of an academic year are named to the Dean’s List after Spring Semester by achieving a minimum accumulative 3.5 GPA with 12 or more credit hours included in the calculation for the three-semester period.

PART-TIME STUDENTS                       Hometown & County
Rayleigha Bartram Perrysville Ashland
Gail Cottingham Sullivan Ashland
Rachel Evangelisti Urbana Champaign
Sylvia See Bucyrus Crawford
Kelsie Weaver Bucyrus Crawford
Taylor Roshon Bucyrus Crawford
Megan Daubenspeck Bucyrus Crawford
Janai Troutman Bucyrus Crawford
Alexis Creel Bucyrus Crawford
Alyssa Eckert Bucyrus Crawford
Jamie Coomer Bucyrus Crawford
Charlee Assenheimer Bucyrus Crawford
Martha Lawrence Bucyrus Crawford
Katrina Kiess Bucyrus Crawford
Elise Jones Bucyrus Crawford
Mariah Candel Bucyrus Crawford
Charles Snyder Bucyrus Crawford
Wendy Main Bucyrus Crawford
Jamie Postell Bucyrus Crawford
Kelsey Stone Crestline Crawford
Sarah Lambright Crestline Crawford
Diana Rumer Crestline Crawford
Cody Peters Galion Crawford
Kaeli Tracht Galion Crawford
Diane Brown Galion Crawford
Hannah Carr Galion Crawford
Kelsie Fike Galion Crawford
Jessica Hanshaw Galion Crawford
Caitlin Thebeault Galion Crawford
Lyndsee Miller Oceola Crawford
Tracy Wagner Fairview Park Cuyahoga
April Dennis Ashley Delaware
Berenice Watts Ashley Delaware
Amanda Williams Columbus Delaware
Anika Casanova Delaware Delaware
Whitney Bringle Delaware Delaware
Eric Maes Delaware Delaware
Anthony Taglione Delaware Delaware
Angelique Coffey Delaware Delaware
Laura Planisek Delaware Delaware
Lauren Yates Delaware Delaware
Bailee Hart Delaware Delaware
Noah Woods Delaware Delaware
Nicholas Caudill Delaware Delaware
Lydia Grum Delaware Delaware
Elizabeth Bowman Delaware Delaware
Reagan Olson Delaware Delaware
Allison James Delaware Delaware
Annette Remlinger Delaware Delaware
Ethan Watts Delaware Delaware
Ayegbeni Igonor Delaware Delaware
Kristen Puthoff Delaware Delaware
Katelyn McKee Delaware Delaware
Olivia Shroyer Delaware Delaware
Monica Thacker La Rue Delaware
Lindsay Ferrell Lewis Center Delaware
Rodney Geyer Lewis Center Delaware
Rebecca Geyer Lewis Center Delaware
Jonathan Stilp Lewis Center Delaware
Kayla Kramer Ostrander Delaware
Karen Mittendorf Powell Delaware
Sarah Shaneyfelt Powell Delaware
Alison Vincent Sunbury Delaware
Zachariah Shryock Sunbury Delaware
Shara Dutko Westerville Delaware
Alyssa Ehrman Baltimore Fairfield
Asare Nsiah Blacklick Franklin
Glenna Momany Columbus Franklin
Boniface Makilagi Columbus Franklin
Vida Agyei Columbus Franklin
Donald Trout Columbus Franklin
Tayler Coulson Columbus Franklin
Beth Henderson Columbus Franklin
Cody Schultz Dublin Franklin
Matthew Ezzo Dublin Franklin
Ashlee Phillips Grove City Franklin
Amanda Trent Wauseon Fulton
Maryam Hashemi Findlay Hancock
Kelsey Corbin Mount Blanchard Hancock
Gabrielle Rodriguez Forest Hardin
Shellie Albert Forest Hardin
Kyle Evans Forest Hardin
Janessa Taylor Forest Hardin
Alexis Cochran Forest Hardin
Shaelyn McNamara Forest Hardin
Riley McKinniss Forest Hardin
Michelle Williams Kenton Hardin
Amy Manns Ridgeway Hardin
Bridget Hesness Centerburg Knox
Bailey Irwin Centerburg Knox
Kenneth Harvey Centerburg Knox
Sarah Cantrell Centerburg Knox
Brea DeVault Centerburg Knox
Shayla Franklin Fredericktown Knox
Joshua Pfeiffer Howard Knox
Andrew Nuber Mount Vernon Knox
Angela Downey Huntsville Logan
Riley Plotner West Mansfield Logan
Haley Spriggs West Mansfield Logan
Hannah Carpenter West Mansfield Logan
Andrea McDonald Marion Madison
Tonya Gordon Plain City Madison
Nicole Haines Caledonia Marion
Allison Edwards Caledonia Marion
Melissa Robinson Caledonia Marion
Brittany Hause Harpster Marion
Abigail Fogle La Rue Marion
Dave Hastings La Rue Marion
Dawn Wade La Rue Marion
Allison Endicott Marion Marion
Sydney Randall Marion Marion
Patrick Smith Marion Marion
Marissa Leary Marion Marion
Gretchen Kieffer Marion Marion
Kerrie Mitchell Marion Marion
Renata Schuler Marion Marion
Lauren Holloway Marion Marion
Halle Marvich Marion Marion
Greg Campbell Marion Marion
Sarah Stetzinger Marion Marion
Eric Taylor Marion Marion
Amanda Dutton Marion Marion
Ashley Anderson Marion Marion
Alexis Klaiber Marion Marion
Joshua Warner Marion Marion
Zachary Winniestaffer Marion Marion
Brittany Schwartz Marion Marion
Jared Bateman Marion Marion
Kevin Bellus Marion Marion
Jeremy Ferguson Marion Marion
Melissa Caldwell Marion Marion
Lance Gallant Marion Marion
Emma Ferris Marion Marion
Robert Husted Marion Marion
Alexandra Seckel Marion Marion
Joseph Garcia Marion Marion
Christopher Jones Marion Marion
Emmerson Davis Marion Marion
Herman Bryant Marion Marion
Rachel Morris Marion Marion
Alfred Moore Marion Marion
Juan Rivera Marion Marion
Kirt McReynolds Marion Marion
Miquel Gilbert Marion Marion
Ryan Montgomery Marion Marion
Willie Barnes Marion Marion
Jeremiah Zoltani Marion Marion
Rifat Abuhilwas Marion Marion
JaQuan Townsend Marion Marion
Michael Dupal Marion Marion
Timmie Hubbard Marion Marion
Jung Park Marion Marion
Hbrandon Flagner Marion Marion
Charles Desgrange Marion Marion
Joseph Kolp Marion Marion
Gordon Woodruff Marion Marion
Timothy Crawford Marion Marion
Breanna Napper Marion Marion
James Enders Marion Marion
Brynn Wilson Marion Marion
Kimberly Amrine Marion Marion
Alyssa Bales Marion Marion
Emily Pike Marion Marion
Christopher Rush Marion Marion
Thomas Moore Marion Marion
Brandon Spitzer Marion Marion
Stephen Stromsky Marion Marion
Lowell Calhoun Marion Marion
Cassie Rosebrough Marion Marion
Ellie Campbell Marion Marion
Gregg Brimacombe Marion Marion
Jesse O’Neill Marion Marion
John Reese Marion Marion
Timothy Moore Marion Marion
Joseph Hathaway Marion Marion
Richard Lawler Marion Marion
Shawn Garner Marion Marion
Sara Jester Marion Marion
Grace White Marion Marion
Alicia Tyler Marion Marion
Amy Martin Marion Marion
Therese Martin Marion Marion
Kristina Wenninger Marion Marion
Rebecca Kindred Marion Marion
Garrett Gatrell Marion Marion
Ariana Scott Marion Marion
Allison Ward Marion Marion
Thomas Ketcham Marion Marion
Ashton-Tailor Johnson Marion Marion
Austin Chivington Marion Marion
Chad Walter Marion Marion
Logan Derry Marion Marion
Jade Williams Marion Marion
Kayla Brown Marion Marion
Lawrence Parker Marion Marion
Meghan Taylor Marion Marion
Olivia Markley Marion Marion
Michael Hornbeck Marion Marion
Emma Christman Marion Marion
John Valentine Marion Marion
Katherine Kamler Marion Marion
Joshua Gay Marion Marion
Julie Greilich Marion Marion
Jon Lucas Marion Marion
Teylor Gracely New Bloomington Marion
Gavin Metzger New Bloomington Marion
Amanda Foos Prospect Marion
Christopher Robinson Prospect Marion
Alexis Kowalczyk Prospect Marion
Steve Sayre Prospect Marion
Mercedes Smith Waldo Marion
Jordan Deskins Cardington Morrow
Lanie Allison Cardington Morrow
Paige Chalfant Cardington Morrow
Emily Gheen Cardington Morrow
Brooke Staton Centerburg Morrow
Iris Edmonson Chesterville Morrow
Margaret Lacy Edison Morrow
Stephanie Smith Edison Morrow
Bailey Gompf Edison Morrow
Colten Liszkai Fredericktown Morrow
Jenna Brown Fredericktown Morrow
Trent Tucker Fulton Morrow
Alyssa Pearce Galion Morrow
Alexandria Borders Galion Morrow
Hope Miracle Galion Morrow
Laura Artrip Iberia Morrow
Zachary Parrott Lexington Morrow
Kristen Duryea Mansfield Morrow
Joyce Franks Marengo Morrow
Taylor Belcher Marengo Morrow
Rebecca Hopkins Marengo Morrow
Miranda Harris Marengo Morrow
Felicia Neeld Marengo Morrow
Cassidy Hack Mount Gilead Morrow
Dylan Timmons Mount Gilead Morrow
Anthony White Mount Gilead Morrow
Claire Nicholson Mount Gilead Morrow
Tyler Kegley Mount Gilead Morrow
Samantha Grogg Mount Gilead Morrow
Sarah Manley Mount Gilead Morrow
Madison Swihart Mount Gilead Morrow
Shannon Lyle Mount Gilead Morrow
Brittany Downing Mount Gilead Morrow
Kelly Schriever Lewisburg Preble
Taylor Viars Lexington Richland
Rebecca Duckworth Lexington Richland
Shannon Shepherd Lexington Richland
Sonja Woerth Mansfield Richland
Kaitlin Bowman Shelby Richland
Kristin Dawson Shelby Richland
Valerie Estep Shelby Richland
Tracey Wolfe Tiffin Seneca
Johanna Stimmel Magnetic Springs Union
Tiffany Spears Marysville Union
Tracy Carpenter Marysville Union
Hunter Cox Marysville Union
Kathryn Dotson Marysville Union
Madison Wedding Raymond Union
Kristy Cellar Raymond Union
Nicholas Riley Richwood Union
Robert Bevis Richwood Union
Juliann Wing Richwood Union
Abigail Davis Richwood Union
Avery Ballinger Richwood Union
Devyn Feasel Richwood Union
Garrett Schilling Richwood Union
Emma Hayward Richwood Union
Brooke Blanton Richwood Union
Brittany Brentlinger West Mansfield Union
Adrienne Bjorling Carey Wyandot
Alec Ogg Carey Wyandot
Kristina Bodey Carey Wyandot
Amber Spurlock Carey Wyandot
Hunter Boyd Harpster Wyandot
Anthony Chapman Harpster Wyandot
Taylor Frey Harpster Wyandot
Adam Young Harpster Wyandot
Carin Nye Kirby Wyandot
Owen Browning Nevada Wyandot
Samuel Plott Nevada Wyandot
Makennah Allen Nevada Wyandot
Paige Burger Nevada Wyandot
Vanessa Lambert Nevada Wyandot
Cloe Duvall Nevada Wyandot
Sarah Larsen Nevada Wyandot
Hayley McCoy Nevada Wyandot
Kamryn Huston Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Samuel Stuckman Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Ry Adams Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Alex Brodman Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Erika Rosario Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Delaney McQuown Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Rachel Martin Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Michael Verdugo Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Breanna Rosario Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Jon Blackburn Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Adriane Weininger Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Alexander Engle Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Logan White Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Niki Young Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Samuel Musgrave Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Chad Mostoller Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Taylor Flowers Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Shane Stansbery Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Harrison Sheaffer Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Hannah Gier Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Nathan Hensel Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Lucy Smith Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Paige Shriver Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Ian Cameron Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Sara Gier Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Grace Miller Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Renee Bianchi Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Zachary Grafmiller Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Alaney Oney Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Kayla Counts Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Sierra Carey Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Cheyanne Kenner Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Dalton Foos Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Kate Ritchey Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Marie Stansbery Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Leah Crawford Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Sarah Dierkes Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Blayc Hacker Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Andrew Manzi Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Abigail Gerber Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Jeffrey Koehler Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Victoria Damron Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Turner Dilley Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Melissa Chamberlin Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Lillie Orians Wharton Wyandot