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Marion Technical College was founded in 1970 with one priority: to improve employment opportunities through quality education. MTC believes in the power of people and each individual’s dignity and self-worth. The College focuses resources to create an environment of quality and support to assist students in attaining their highest accomplishments. Likewise, MTC provides a challenging workplace that hones individual skills, fosters teamwork, and supports both professional and personal development.

MTC emphasizes real-world learning, applying practical theory and laboratory experiences directly to workplace settings. MTC views education as a lifelong continuum. The College acknowledges learners’ past experiences, capitalizes on current employment needs and training trends, and looks to the future needs of prospective students, alumni, and the community.


Why Online?

Online learning offers several advantages. There is minimal life interruption, meaning you can work around schedules, kids, jobs, etc. and do things on YOUR time. There is almost no travel time or expense. Online learning is convenient, flexible and accessible. Our instructors teach on campus and online so you know you are getting the same quality of instruction whether you are online or on campus.
Diversity is another advantage. Our students are diverse in age, gender and often ethnicity. This adds varying perspectives and enhances the learning environment. Online learners are also more involved in theclassroom " as they are not afraid tospeak up " in the online environment.

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