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What is online learning?

Online learning is the process of gaining knowledge and skills outside of a physical classroom-in a virtual environment. Online classes at MTC are led by a qualified MTC faculty member, and class sizes are limited. Classes are conducted using technology such as computer based learning, teleconference, virtual classrooms and more! This method of learning is used by educational institutions across the globe to enable people of all ages and backgrounds to have easy access to knowledge and teachers.

Advantages of Online Learning Convenience

You complete coursework around your schedule. There are deadlines, but generally no requirement to be in class at a specific day or time.

Richer class discussion

Studies show that people get more out of online learning because they find that there is richer class discussion. In a classroom or lecture hall, the quieter students tend not to contribute to class discussion. When you are online, you have time to compose a response to a class discussion and everyone in the class has an opportunity to participate.

Different learning styles

Online classrooms include several elements to accompany the content such as videos, diagrams, presentation materials, additional printed materials and discussion sections to expand on concepts and theories.

Friendly atmosphere

Some students find it easy to interact with people online. Online students often develop professional relationships with other online students…and it is not unusual   for classes to formreunions, " social events or meet up with individuals in person.


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